Seventy Four Percent of Michigan Voters Support Post Labor Day School Law

LANSING, Mich., Aug. 29, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- LANSING: A statewide survey by Mitchell Research & Communications, Inc. found dramatically increased support for Michigan law requiring public schools to open after Labor Day.  In the years since its passage, voter support increased to 74% statewide, up from 63% in a poll taken in 2005 when the legislation was passed into law. 

Total opposition to the law dropped from 22% in 2005 to just 18% in this year's poll.  Support amongst the most affected group of voters, parents of school-aged children, increased to 73%, up from 67% in 2005.     

"These results are no surprise.  Those of us with grown children know how fast and fleeting family time passes," said Michigan Lodging and Tourism Association (MLTA) President/CEO Steve Yencich.  "A law that makes the two warmest summer months available to make vacation memories is broadly supported by parents.  Clearly, the more that families have experienced the benefits of this law, the more the like it."

Back before the law went into effect in 2006, many school districts started school in mid-August.  Most parents begin shopping for school clothes and supplies the week before school begins.  This left Michigan families only the month of July and the first week or two of August if they wanted to vacation in-state during the warmer summer months.

Starting school after Labor Day has helped generate economic activity and created jobs during some very lean years.  Just as important, it's provided additional tax revenues for struggling state schools and to fund other state and local programs.  Importantly, schools have flexibility in how best to meet the requirement to begin the school year after Labor Day.

"The fact remains that school districts have multiple options to comply with this wildly popular statute," said Yencich.  "They can extend the length of the school year deeper into June, hold professional development seminars for teachers in late August, or simply add a few minutes to the length of each instructional day." 

"Any combination of those options allows school leaders to address the unique needs of their district, and still do what voters overwhelmingly desire," he said.  "Local control shouldn't mean ignoring what parents across Michigan want, especially when doing what they want also strengthens Michigan's economy, increases tax revenues and creates more jobs.  Michigan's post Labor Day school law is a winning combination of good politics and good policy."


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