SEO Agency, fishbat, Lists 4 Tips for Infrared Testing Companies to Improve Their Websites

TRIBECA, N.Y., April 20, 2017 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- fishbat, a leading Internet marketing company which combines proven digital marketing strategies that include search engine optimization (SEO), digital ads, and social media optimization (SMO) to help businesses increase profits and expand brand awareness, shares four ways thermographic testing companies can improve lead generation.

Infrared testing is very important for businesses to eliminate electricity waste, save money, extend machinery life, and most importantly, to keep workers and properties safe. However, electrical inspection testing companies, like PDS Heat-Seeker, can struggle to make their businesses and the need for infrared and other electrical testing services, known. One of the biggest ways to increase awareness about the need for these services is by making them known to the public through more engaging, informative, and easy to find websites. These 4 tips serve as the foundation for website optimization:

  1. Optimize for SEO. If potential clients don't know about a company, they won't be using it. Make electrical inspection testing sites visible to the public by optimizing them for SEO. Web crawlers reward and penalize websites in their search engines based on the content of the site, its usability, and engagement capacity. Elements such as keyword placement and links also play a big role in SEO. Optimize sites and increase crawlability by implementing goal-driven keywords within titles, headers, footers, picture titles, meta-tags, content, and more. Increase engagement by incorporating videos and social media sharing buttons, and provide value with frequently updated content and question and answer engagement. Additionally, incorporate backlinks to drive in traffic from reputable sources to improve the site's perceived value and the company's industry authority. These factors will provide a huge SEO boost, providing visibility and driving website traffic.
  2. Make sites shareable. As websites and the content therein are shared, the more brand awareness, traffic, and lead generation, infrared testing websites will experience. Incorporate social media sharing buttons, videos, and infographics for easy sharing capability to increase awareness and attract followers and potential clients. Update content, such as fire-safety tips and more, regularly to prompt sharing.
  3. Make navigation intuitive. One of the biggest reasons users leave a website is poor or non-intuitive navigation. Keeping users on a website is necessary to grow the business, spread awareness, and obtain leads. Make navigation intuitive by arranging tabs by order of importance, keeping navigation bars deep instead of wide, ensuring navigation is clearly labeled, maintaining points of navigation where users are accustomed to seeing them, and by incorporating sticky navigation on long-scrolling websites.
  4. Make sites lead-generation machines with CTAs. Lead generation is a key focus on electrical inspection testing company websites. Impact lead generation by providing linking opportunities from B2B social sites to infrared testing services pages and landing pages with clear CTAs. Include CTAs for lead generation prominently on website pages with contrasting color, bold typography, and action verbiage. It is also a good practice to use subtle micro-interactions to draw attention to CTAs. Encourage lead generation with contests and opportunities to win free evaluations.

fishbat is a full-service Internet marketing firm and social media agency dedicated to connecting all types of businesses with their target audiences in the most effective and efficient way.  Through innovative strategies in social media management, search engine optimization (SEO), branding, web design, reputation management and public relations, fishbat promotes a consistent and professional online voice for all of its clients.

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