Selling Your Gold Jewelry Is No Longer "Taboo"

Jewelry Buyers & Cash-for-Gold Businesses Booming Due to High Gold Prices

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M., Jan. 16, 2012 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- We've all seen the store signs, TV commercials, and newspaper ads promoting "Cash for Gold".  Thousands of new businesses have popped up recently nationwide promising big money for your treasures.  So what's going on?

A prominent jewelry-buying business in Albuquerque, NM, offers some insight on this recent phenomenon.

"In the past, our industry catered mostly to those needing some extra cash.  People were often embarrassed of looking desperate if they sold their jewelry," explains Romie Salem, president of National Jewelry Buyers.  "All that has changed."

He elaborated, "With gold at record high prices, people recognize it's a great opportunity to cash out the unnecessary jewelry they have accumulated over the years.  We are seeing a wide range of customers, including the upper-income crowd that would rarely be seen selling their personal treasures."

National Jewelry Buyers insists that its customers don't sell because they need to, but rather because it's smart.  "We see people every day with a small handful of old, broken jewelry and walk out with $1,000 or more.  A cluttered drawer with useless pieces of metal or a $1,000?  It's a no-brainer!"

National Jewelry Buyers staff members offer three pieces of advice to anyone interested in selling their jewelry: 

  1. Get more than one offer.  All gold buyers are NOT the same.  "Customers tell us all the time that our offer was much better than the others.  Sometimes the difference is double!" says one employee.  "Shop around!"
  2. Compare "total amount" when shopping around.  Do not bother asking how much per pennyweight or what percentage of gold they pay.  Just see how much they will pay you in total for your jewelry.  There are too many misleading tricks that some dealers use to lure you in, so just get the bottom line amount for comparison.
  3. If you're selling a diamond, go to a diamond buyer.  While National Jewelry Buyers is a diamond buyer, most cash-for-gold businesses will pay little or nothing for diamonds.  They are only interested in melting the gold.

Good, commonsense advice.  For more information, including market prices and other valuable news/information before selling your jewelry, visit

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