Secure Spaces redefines BYOD by putting the Consumer first!

Graphite Software unveils publicly the most innovative multiple persona solution at MWC 2014

BARCELONA, Spain, Feb. 24, 2014 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Mobile World Congress - Graphite Software Corporation will provide the first public demonstration of Secure Spaces, their innovative multi-persona solution for Android smartphones and tablets. Due to superior performance, Secure Spaces system-level virtualization enables multiple isolated virtual machines on a single device, which enables many uses cases from personal privacy, BYOD to mobile marketing.

As a virtualization solution, Secure Spaces provides superior security and does not require the modification of apps like application container approaches. And, unlike hypervisor approaches there is no integration or performance overhead of launching multiple operating system copies. Secure Spaces is mobile device management (MDM)-agnostic, providing a flexible solution that supports delegation of work space management to corporate IT or MDM resources, while also providing consumers complete control of their professional and personal mobile profiles and data.

Because life is more complex than just "work" and "play" Secure Spaces allows for multiple personal Spaces on a single device to separate accounts and personal data from prying apps that demand too many permissions. At the same time, users can securely delegate Managed Spaces to Corporate IT departments for true BYOD applications and avoid bleeding of their personal information into their corporate. In addition, Secure Spaces delivers a platform for the delivery of curated content to users without mixing with their personal or corporate apps and data. Secure Spaces is a simple and effective capability for users to control who and what has access to their digital footprint.

"This is the first public demonstration of our innovative solution at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. This is the only mobile security solution developed considering the user first," said Alec Main, CEO of Graphite Software. "The interest has been significant, as device OEM and mobile operators realize that killer features have to meet the requirements of everyone – user, enterprise and marketing."

The Secure Spaces solution is under trial by device OEMs and mobile service providers. Contact Graphite Software to participate in a Secure Spaces trial at:

About Graphite Software

Graphite Software meets the connectivity needs of consumers and the enterprise by delivering solutions for mobile workers to securely group, segment and control separate data profiles.  By building Graphite's Secure Spaces software directly into Android operating systems, Graphite empowers corporate IT departments and consumers to maintain distinct user profiles on a single device, improving security, privacy and control for all users. The company is headquartered in Ottawa, Ontario.

Media Contact: Robert Grapes, VP, Marketing, 16132662323,

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