Secret Service Reached Wrong Conclusions On School Shooters Cites Report

Vegas Strip Video Proves All Sandy Hook Students Should Have Been Saved

LAS VEGAS, Dec. 10, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- A stunning analysis and video provides evidence that two devastating errors committed by the Secret Service and law enforcement has contributed to more deadly school and mass shootings according to a report by an expert on violence. According to the report by Jerome Almon, video from a Las Vegas casino incident proves that all the children at Sandy Hook Elementary should have been saved had teachers and administrators been given vital information possessed by law enforcement. The report cites the fact that parents have begun to instruct their children to pass on this information directly to their teachers. According to the report, the Secret Service's erroneous labeling of school shooters as assassins as being at the center of the increased lethality of mass shootings ( The report gives a clear picture of why the Newtown shooter carried out his act, and warns that this category of killer is a growing American cultural export to the global community.


The report does a comparison and contrast of school shooters, assassins, and another category of killer unique to America. The report brands school shooters as a modern day version of this uniquely American killer with two important differences that are at the root of the mass shootings. The evidence in the report clearly demonstrates that school shooters are sociopaths, not psychopaths, with their origin being traced to the 1980's. Almon labels the killers "zombie youth" which are comparable to the UK's "feral youth." The author cites the incident that set the killers into motion as being the equivalent to the UK's infamous bedroom tax. Mr. Almon compares the erroneous track that law enforcement has followed to the similarly erroneous conclusion of the medical profession regarding ulcers that led to a century of unnecessary suffering and billions of wasted dollars( Three infamous killers are cited as the prototype of the modern day school shooter.

The report is heavily critical of the White House reaction and assessment of the situation regarding video games and basic physical security at schools. The report provides irrefutable evidence that school shooters are preventable, easily detectable, and can be stopped even once they reach their target rather efficiently. The conclusion that all of the children killed at Sandy Hook could have and should have been saved is backed up by statements made by Navy SEAL sniper Brandon Webb in an interview concerning how to survive mass shootings. Mr. Almon is a university lecturer and expert on terrorism, international politics, urban and domestic violence, and the author of an important element of US border security doctrine.

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