Scientists Discover Reality Consists Of 9 Dimensions, Not Just 4 Space-Time Dimensions

This Breakthrough Implies Other Significant Discoveries

SEATTLE, July 17, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Edward R. Close, PhD, PE, and Vernon M. Neppe, MD, PhD, FRSSAf, have announced a profoundly important finding that affects the basic assumptions of physics and changes the way scientists understand life and the Universe. 

"Our current concept of reality might be incomplete," Dr. Neppe commented. "Dr. Close and I have demonstrated that we live in a 9-dimensional spinning finite reality, not just our traditional three dimensions of space happening in a present moment of time. The rest of our reality is hidden beyond our direct view. These additional dimensions might provide many keys to life, and explain many mysteries of science including amplifying Consciousness Research or even new models in Space—Time."

Scientific Impact

 9-dimensional spin revolutionizes thinking not only in our current model of physics, but in other sciences, too, such as biology, psychology and consciousness studies, and should have major implications for the fundamental structure of our universe:

  • understanding subjective experiences (e.g. meditation, near-death experiences, altered states of consciousness);
  • reformulating basic scientific assumptions;
  • revising core philosophical ideas;
  • mathematically applying this to other unsolved physical paradoxes;
  • even space-time travel

The genome for physics?

Could this be the 'genome for physics'? Dr. Neppe responded carefully: "Like biological genomes, 9-dimensional finite spinning realities might reflect key scientific and mathematical blueprints about our cosmos. But there's far more to a finite genome imprint, as the 'infinite' may also be part of our broader reality enveloping the finite. The hidden, now, is just a little less hidden."

How did this finding arise?

In February 2012, an Astronomy Professor quipped sarcastically, without having read the proposed 'Triadic Dimensional-Distinction Vortical Paradigm' (TDVP) —the 'Theory of Everything' (TOE) model of Drs. Neppe and Close: "When you can explain why the Cabibbo Angle is what it is, then I'll believe you." He knew that no scientist had ever solved this challenge since it's discovery in 1963.

Specifically, no-one had been able to solve the mystery of why this 'Cabibbo mixing angle' in elementary Particle Physics was the strange size it was, namely 13.04±0.05 degrees. Drs. Close and Neppe not only explained the why of the Cabibbo angle, but in so doing, they stumbled upon a dramatic breakthrough on the nature of reality.

Why the Cabibbo angle had not previously been explained

The Standard Physics Model apparently simply cannot explain the Cabibbo Angle because our current reality experience based on a 4-dimensional model (3 of space—1 of time) appears insufficient to derive it. As the prevailing appropriate model for science, most scientists have not gone beyond these 4 dimensions, even though certain areas have been difficult to explain, or even worse appear to be contradicted. 

The Neppe-Close TDVP model

TDVP proposes a unifying broader model integrating the broader sciences. It can explain the narrower day-to-day physical realities, as well as many broader unexplained models in Consciousness Research, order, life and biology, and the Psychological Sciences. Many aspects of TDVP are validated by mathematics. These are described in the e-book Reality Begins with Consciousness (RBC) by Neppe and Close. (

The need for a nine dimensional finite model

In late 2011, as part of their TDVP model, Close and Neppe had postulated a 9-dimensional finite vortical reality based on the known scientific and mathematical data. Their mathematical derivation of the Cabibbo angle was therefore not achieved by accident or contrived. Close and Neppe had predicted this derivation because their TDVP model predicted exactly what they found.

The Cabibbo angle can only be derived from a 9-dimensional model because the mathematics only works with nine dimensions, not eight or ten or any other number. The calculated values for other dimensional models produce results that simply don't match what is known about the empirically demonstrated size of the Cabibbo Angle. The Close-Neppe 9-dimensional spin results for the Cabibbo angle are, as predicted by TDVP, exactly correct, namely 13.032 degrees (calculated to 5 not 4 decimal places as in the original empirical Cabibbo finding). Feedback from peer group review supports this new Close-Neppe finding. 

Why no other theories fit

No other theories have developed the concept of finite 9-dimensional rotation. Some String Theories involve 10 Dimensions, and suggest 9 'spaces' with 1 time dimension. But these theories generally involve folding of dimensions, not spin, as a predominant feature, and do not fully explain basic derivations such as the Cabibbo Angle.


And so, not only has one of the mysteries of physics (the reason for the size of the Cabibbo angle) been solved—a curiosity—but much more importantly, the Cabibbo derivation has provided a definite, necessary and new gateway to demonstrate that there are multiple dimensions of finite reality, and that these have a specific, defined quality—nine dimensional spin. This makes the results profoundly important. The 9-dimensional spin finding is dramatic enough that scientists might need to rethink almost everything they've thought before. 

About TDVP: The Neppe-Close TDVP 4-year collaboration utilizes the solid empirical scientific data, demonstrable mathematical logic and further conceptual innovations, as detailed in RBC ( The Cabibbo Angle derivation confirmed the hypothesis that a significant fundamental component of TDVP—the postulated 9 finite vortical dimensions—appears correct. The 9-D spin in-press peer-reviewed article is guest-edited by an internationally-known Dimensional Biopsychophysicist familiar with the Neppe-Close TDVP model, and also in RBC.

About Edward Close: A skilled physicist, creative mathematician, deep-thinking cosmologist, acclaimed environmental engineer and Dimensional Biopsychophysicist. Transcendental Physics is one of Dr. Close's 8+ books. (

About Vernon Neppe: An internationally peer-recognized Behavioral Neurologist, Neuropsychiatrist, Neuroscientist, Psychopharmacologist, Forensic specialist, Psychiatrist, Phenomenologist, Epileptologist, Consciousness Researcher, Philosopher, Creativity expert, and Dimensional Biopsychophysicist. His CV includes 10+ books, 2 plays, 450+ publications, 1000+ invited lectures and media interactions worldwide.

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