Scientists at HerbalScience Develop A Safe All Natural Solution For Acne

A Paradigm Shift In The Treatment And Prevention of Acne

BONITA SPRINGS, Fla., Dec. 20, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Scientists at HerbalScience announced today that they have developed a fast acting, all natural treatment for Acne. The scientists at HerbalScience have created a combination of extracts from known to be safe common foods to accomplish their goal of quickly stopping and even reversing the presence of Acne causing bacteria, P. acnes. This scientific discovery enables the production of an all-natural Acne skin toner that quickly and effectively causes the redness associated with Acne to disappear, while also preventing P. acnes bacteria from completing its infection cycle.


Acne vulgarius (commonly called Acne) is a common inflammatory skin disease that effects nearly all adolescents and adults at some point in their lives. Acne is caused by the bacteria Propionibacterium acnes.  Although Acne is not a life-endangering condition, it is associated with a huge psychosocial impact that saps the confidence of those infected and presents society with a major economic burden. A fast acting and more effective treatment for those populations at risk is needed. The global Acne market will exceed $4 billion in 2013 according to BBC Research. 

"Due to the negative side effects of most of the available Acne treatments, our team wanted to investigate a way to produce a better solution for Acne. The HerbalScience biology and chemistry teams examined the chemical composition and biological activity of over 150 common foods in their search for the right combination of candidates, culminating in the development of an exciting new all natural solution for Acne," said Dr. Wentworth. "It is well known that nature has been effectively dealing with bacteria for thousands of years but capturing this power in a bottle was not an easy task. A scientific breakthrough of this importance required close and highly efficient cooperation between the HerbalScience Chemistry and Biology teams," said Dr. Wentworth.  

"The HerbalScience Biology & Chemistry teams displayed amazing team work during this project resulting in their accomplishing this scientific breakthrough. Dr. Christy Wentworth's leadership and creative problem solving won the day for us," said Robert Gow, Executive Chairman of HerbalScience. "Acne destroys the confidence of the people it affects, especially the highly susceptible young men and women around the globe that are entering their teen years. A fast working all natural-safe solution for this confidence destroying disease was very much needed. We announce today that the world class scientists at HerbalScience have successfully discovered and delivered this needed solution. Expect more safe and effective all natural health solutions to be delivered from this very special group of scientists as they continue to unlock the secrets of nature," said HerbalScience's Executive Chairman, Robert Gow.

About HerbalScience Group -- HerbalScience Group utilizes its proprietary Technology Platform and its industry leading databases in tandem with its game changing analytical software to support the development of unique natural health products and the information necessary to support their powerful label claims. HerbalScience has developed an extensive portfolio of proprietary evidence based all natural health products. Each of HerbalScience's natural health products has been verified to be safe and each has been proven in extensive clinical testing to be fast acting biologically effective solutions for the product's targeted human health condition. The proprietary HerbalScience databases contain industry leading libraries; a screening library of over 850,000 phytochemicals that drives the unique to HerbalScience new product discovery engine. This database quickly identifies which botanical is the most effective at treating the over 123 human health conditions targeted by HerbalScience's biology team.  Additionally, this database quickly specifies the solventless extraction conditions needed to produce the unique whole botanical extract necessary to deliver the desired safe and effective health solution. This proprietary database is also utilized in the final product production process to insure the final product complies with pharmaceutical product safety standards. And, unique to HerbalScience, this database insures the delivery to the consumer of a natural health solution that the consumer will quickly experience working.  HerbalScience's quality assurance databases also include an industry leading 97,000+ phytochemical database developed by conducting human pharmacokinetics on the extensive HerbalScience health condition specific natural ingredient library. Unique in the Natural Health Product industry, this HerbalScience Pharmacokinetics library is used to determine the amount of the extract or dose needed to deliver effective health benefits confirming and assuring that each HerbalScience product delivers its promised health results. HerbalScience utilizes cutting edge science and pharmaceutical industry developed methods to create its fast growing evidence based natural health product portfolio. HerbalScience's all natural pharmaceutical grade ingredients have been proven effective against 123 different biological health endpoints within 9 major human health conditions.

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