Salt Free Water Softeners Offered by Molecule New Water Technologies In Stock

Molecule New Water Technologies, a national supplier of a variety of water-related products, has announced that it now carries EasyWater Salt-Free Water Softeners. The water softeners are immediately available for those who are dealing with any number of issues resulting from the presence of hard water.

MARBLE FALLS, Texas, Nov. 4, 2014 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Molecule New Water Technologies has announced that it now has salt-free water softeners in stock, which are available for delivery on a nationwide basis. According to the company, the salt-free softeners it offers are easily installed and feature a number of benefits over other options for dealing with hard water issues.

"We are very excited to have these salt-free water softeners from EasyWater in stock, as these systems enable individuals and businesses to solve their issues with hard water in an environmentally responsible way," said Eliot Harris, the president and CEO of Molecule New Water Technologies. "There are also a number of advantages that these systems are equipped with, making them a much better option when compared to traditional water softeners."

According to the company, the benefits of the EasyWater Salt-Free Water Softeners are many, particularly when compared to the traditional systems that are currently available. The EasyWater softener is able to protect the plumbing system and any appliances that require the use of water. Additionally, the salt-free water softeners now available from Molecule New Water Technologies require little maintenance and are known to be environmentally friendly.

The use of water softeners is necessary in order to reduce hard water buildup inside plumbing and appliances, and there is the added benefit of the reduction of water spotting. A water softener works by removing minerals -- along with iron and manganese -- and then replaces them with sodium or potassium. This process also causes soap to lather more effectively and results in the water feeling slick on the skin.

Perhaps most importantly, these newly available water softeners function in a manner that is environmentally responsible. Molecule New Water Technologies has demonstrated that it values such responsibility, as the many products it offers serve to benefit the environment in a variety of ways. Along with water softeners, the company also offers air-to-water generators and filtration products, all of which are important while dealing with water shortage and water quality issues caused by drought, overpopulation, fracking and industrial pollution.

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