Sakthivel Alagappan Gains Momentum in the Malaysian General Election

Sakthivel Alagappan is a Kapar candidate in the General Malaysian Elections, and according to recent polls is leading this six-candidate race for a seat in the Malaysian Parliament.

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia, May 6, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Sakthivel Alagappan is currently running as the Kapar MIC coordinator and is leading the six-way fight for the Malaysian Parliament seat.  Sakthivel is a candidate for Kapar, which is the biggest constituency of Malaysia, and he is leading the way in this general election with a significant lead over the five other candidates.


Sakthivel Alagappan has quickly become the frontrunner of this election for the Malaysian Parliament seat, and his background is a strong factor in the support of his followers. Sakthivel grew up in Kampung, Malaysia where he was raised single handedly by his father after his mother's early death. These were trying times for his family, and through these hardships Sakthivel grew into the amazing man and political leader that he is today. Even through his life at home was a struggle he made excellent grades in school and helped with his father's "Kacang Putih" business to assist his family and give back to his community. This is where Sakthivel gained his love for his community and found his drive to enhance the lives of those around him by running for a seat in the Malaysian Parliament.

Sakthivel Alagappan is a candidate that is supported by a diverse background of voters and caters to the everyday person in Kapar. Voters recognize Sakthivel as a easily relatable candidate that is seeking to improve the community at its governmental foundations. His strong platform of ideas is the reason that Sakthivel continues to gain support from followers that are interested in having a candidate watching out for the well being of the community above all other political interests. Sakthivel's background in politics is also very impressive, as he served as the secretary of the MIC Serdang Division in 2000, and has continued to dedicate his time to a life of serving the best interests of the public through several different positions including MIC Branch Chairman for Taman Serdang Jaya. All of these factors have contributed to the overwhelming support that Sakthivel Alagappan is receiving from voters in this election, which continues to push him towards the front of the pack.

Sakthivel Alagappan continues to gain momentum because the voters believe in his vision for their future, and his dedication to their interests. Voters respect the modest upbringing that Sakthivel experienced, and the dedication that he has shown to his community over the last several decades. If these polls are any indication, it looks as though Sakthivel Alagappan will win in Kapar in this Malaysian General Election, and receive a much-deserved seat in the Malaysian Parliament.

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