RingPlus Launches Innovative In-Call Apps That Work On Any Device

RingPlus is bringing innovative and useful apps to all members and partners, regardless of whether the device is a smart, flip, or simple feature phone.

LOS ANGELES, Jan. 10, 2014 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- RingPlus has publicly launched the first service of its kind in the world – a cloud-based in-call app platform that allows real applications to live inside normal cell phone calls. There is no need to launch a separate app on the phone or dial a special number.

"We've put a lot of attention into creating a new way to do things while making them fun, useful, and exciting." said Evan McGee, RingPlus CTO. "These applications are available to all members, with no need for a smartphone, which opens the doors to millions of people. By placing them on the network level, the apps can leverage a bandwidth and computational power that isn't possible with traditional smartphone apps. RingPlus' approach is to bring powerful web-scale technologies to traditional telecom, and these In-Call Apps are just the beginning."

An industry first, RingPlus put these in-call apps into production on January 2, 2014. Some of the applications available to all RingPlus members now include:

  • Recall – On-demand recording of any phone call with full text transcription.  After the call, Recall will send an email with the recording and a full-text, timestamped and searchable transcript of the telephone conversation.
  • Phone Booth – The phone booth application, paired with RingPlus' industry-low international rates, completely replaces the need to use a traditional international calling card. Prior to any international call, Phone Booth asks the member how much money they would like to budget for the call. Once the call reaches the allowed balance Phone Booth will whisper a warning and then, one minute later, disconnect the call. 
  • Cloud Translator – Allows the member to translate back and forth between many foreign languages inside the call, in real time. The cloud translator currently supports 19 languages, with more being added each month. A few of the languages currently supported include Spanish, Japanese, Arabic, Russian, Mandarin, French, Italian, Thai, German, and Swedish. This translation technology is also being extended to RingPlus Voicemail, which will allow people to leave voicemails in any language and have the automatic transcript translated into their native language.

Other applications in the invitation-only "Redshirts" beta testing program include:

  • Asha is RingPlus's in-call virtual assistant. Using natural speech understanding, the member can engage these in-call applications just by speaking the name of the application to activate during the call.  She is also able to perform a variety of tasks, including adding a third party to the call, checking the current account balance, and integrate with other RingPlus offerings such as Mixcess and RingPlus Radio. Future versions will also tie in additional social networking and social calling features.
  • FluidCall – Leveraging the emerging power of WebRTC, RingPlus has developed a "Better Than WiFi" calling solution. Members will have the added ability to call using any WebRTC-enabled device just as if it were their regular cell phone. This includes the powerful ability to initiate, terminate, and transfer calls to and from the cellular network and the browser without interrupting an on-going call. Additionally, all calls use the member's same cell phone number, avoiding problems found in similar services like Google Voice. 

To help further enhance their In-Call App Platform, RingPlus has partnered with Atlanta-based innovation lab Mojo Lingo. "RingPlus' efforts to create in-call apps are exciting for many reasons", said Ben Klang, Mojo Lingo Founder. "For consumers, they represent a useful and powerful new way to automate and enhance critical daily communication tasks. For carriers, the in-call app market represents a new opportunity to create revenue, one for which we believe consumers will actually be excited to pay.  And for software and app developers, it's a chance to connect with consumers in a very direct, universal and meaningful way, the likes of which have never been seen before in the mobile phone industry."

RingPlus is proud to be the first carrier to bring this technology out of the lab and offer it to all subscribers. Now individuals can completely control their mobile phone service experience and have unprecedented access to world-class mobile networks, all by taking advantage of the RingPlus API.

About RingPlus

RingPlus is a privately-held MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) operating on the Sprint Network. Founded in 2006, it aims to revolutionize the mobile industry by introducing cutting-edge, integrated web services to both carriers and subscribers. RingPlus is uniquely positioned as a veteran of both the mobile and web landscapes to combine these into one simple-to-use package.

For more information about the RingPlus API, Phone Company In-A-Box, or the RingPlus Cloud Telecom Platform, please contact:

Thelma Weaver
1800 Century Park E, 6th Floor
Los Angeles, CA 90067
Office: (310) 919-0915 press@ringplus.net

Twitter: @ringplusmobile

About Mojo Lingo

Mojo Lingo is a privately-held innovation lab focused on real-time communications. Founded in 2007, it aspires to transform the way that people communicate by developing creative, integrated real-time communication applications.

For more information about Mojo Lingo, please contact:

Stevens P. Young, General Manager
533 West Howard St, Decatur, GA 30030
Twitter: @mojolingo

Media Contact: Thelma Weaver, RingPlus, Inc, 310-919-0915, press@ringplus.net

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