Rich Gorman, Reputation Changer Blogger: Reputation Management Requires Finesse, Persuasion

A recent article from Real Business highlights the changing nature of online reputation management—and it has garnered the attention of Rich Gorman, Reputation Changer blogger.

NEW YORK, Jan. 7, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- In this day and age, reputation is as important as ever for businesses and brands. What consumers and stakeholders think about a business matters a great deal, yet business owners cannot simply tell people what to think or to believe; reputation management is as much a matter of persuasion as it is anything. So goes the thesis of a recent article from Real Business. The article also suggests that, in an ever-changing world of digital technology, online reputation management is more critical than ever before. The article has won the affirmation of Rich Gorman, Reputation Changer blogger and veteran online marketer. Gorman has responded to the article with a new statement to the press.

"What this article gets right is that, in a rapidly-changing online landscape, the nature of online reputation is shifting—and it is vital for businesses and brands to keep up the pace," remarks Gorman, in his press statement. "There are more channels than ever before through which consumers can share their thoughts and their opinions. That might mean positive reviews of a product or a brand, or it might mean negative, even defamatory feedback. Businesses need to exercise diligence and finesse if they wish to keep tabs on public opinion, and ultimately to preserve their own online image."

Gorman says that, for companies of all kinds, online reputation is an important concept. "What consumers say about a business, on social media sites and via online review portals, matters a great deal," he explains. "The reason for this is that consumers are increasingly falling back on online information to help guide their purchasing decisions. A company with a positive online reputation will likely experience booming business, then, while a company fraught with negative online reviews could see clients lost and business dwindling."

As the Real Business article makes clear, however, companies zealous to preserve their online reputation cannot simply tell consumers how to feel. "You cannot simply dictate public opinion; rather, you have to persuade, to convince, to build a strong brand image," offers Gorman. For professional reputation management companies, then, the services rendered to businesses and brands might include the suppression of undesirable reviews, the cleansing of online search result pages, and the cultivation of a strong and positive image, through such diverse tools as press releases, social media, and independent online assets.

"A professional reputation management company does not simply tell people that Brand X is good or bad," explains Gorman. "Rather, a company like Reputation Changer will seek to build a comprehensive narrative about the brand in question, highlighting all of its attributes and underscoring the things that make it uniquely desirable to consumers. This positive, brand-enhancing narrative is used to suppress and eventually replace any online listings or reviews that are less than favorable."

According to Gorman, the work of online reputation management is all about providing clients with a say in how they are presented. "Often, negative online reviews are generated by rival companies, by disgruntled employees, or by consumer who are flat-out unreasonable," shares Gorman. "No brand deserves to be defined by reviews like that, or by similar acts of online defamation. Online reputation management companies provides businesses with the tools they need to control the way they come across on the Internet, and to establish themselves as brands of choice in the minds of consumers."

Rich Gorman, Reputation Changer blogger, concludes by noting that the services rendered by a reputation management firm are far-reaching. "A company working in reputation defense can provide comprehensive reputation management and monitoring needs, tailored to meet the needs of clients—and those clients might include small business, Fortune 500 brands, individuals, and more," he says.


Rich Gorman, Reputation Changer blogger, is a long-time advocate of the online reputation management and monitoring industry, and also a trailblazer in the field of direct response marketing. A restless entrepreneur, Rich Gorman has played an essential role in the formation of numerous online enterprises. He is a big believer in the right of any company or individual to control the way they are presented on the Internet.

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