ReUnion Paradise Announces Its Inaugural Trip to Thailand

New Company Reinvents Baby Boomer Travel

TUCSON, Ariz., March 19, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- ReUnion Paradise, a new travel company providing specialized vacations, is offering its inaugural trip to beautiful Choeng Mon Beach on Koh Samui Island, Thailand, from June 1st – 30th, 2013.  Space on this trip is highly limited...and very reasonably priced.


ReUnion Paradise offers month-long trips to single locations. The company sets itself apart from more harried, impersonal travel alternatives in several ways. ReUnion Resorts are typically smaller, independently-owned, family-run properties in some of the world's most beautiful locations. ReUnion adventurers are mostly 50+, and everyone arrives on the first day of the month and leaves on the last.  Visitors will have the comfort and amenities they expect. But each trip allows them to do as much or as little as they want. ReUnion is all about connecting, with nature, locals and other ReUnion travelers.

Company owner and founder Greg Shinn explains that "10,000 Americans are retiring every day. And more and more of them are choosing to travel abroad...even retire abroad. But these Baby Boomers have different experiences and expectations than seniors of previous generations.  Many are well traveled and have already climbed aboard the tour buses to see the sites.  Now, they want to "be", absorbing the culture and personality of the locale.  They are not looking for static sightseeing options, but rather very-modestly-priced, spiritually-fulfilling, environmentally-conscious, locally-connected travel opportunities. They seek destinations where they can be safe and comfortable. But they are eager to make lasting connections with fellow travelers as well as locals in the places they stay."

ReUnion Paradise's trips respond to issues expressed by travelers who have gone somewhere and really connected with other travelers.  ReUnion is big on people following their individual bliss, but many singles and couples are anxious to add the vitality of someone new into their traveling social scene.  Maybe they just want the added energy of other people.

Maybe a husband is looking for a golfing companion while his wife wants to spend her day shopping for local art with a new friend. But often, travelers meet like-minded people, then, just as they begin to really hit it off, they find out that their new friends are leaving tomorrow. 

ReUnion's concurrent month-long approach offers the potential for relationships to develop and time for them to solidify, hopefully to the point where future trips are planned together with newly-made friends.

ReUnion Paradise also provides each trip with someone called a "Weaver".  More like a friend than a concierge.  An ex-pat who has been living in the location long enough to help travelers with whatever comes up. They can recommend the best taxi driver or the best local dentist. What the Weaver is not, is someone who is paid to sell tours or activities.

Noted Author and ReUnion Weaver Diane de Simone sums it all up. "The attitude at ReUnion Paradise is simply different. Laid back, friendly, and spiritually enriching. "

Even for those Americans considering retiring abroad, ReUnion Paradise is the perfect first step. All of the company's resorts are in retirement hot spots. Spending a complete month in one of these locations is a must before making further plans to live abroad.  The Weaver can even provide a unique and valuable introduction to the expat community.

ReUnion Paradise is not a timeshare or real estate selling company. It is a travel program providing affordable trips for people looking for a different kind of vacation or life experience. See for more information.

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