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Leading HRT facility Kingsberg Medical launches new website highlighting hormone restoration treatment programs

ALPHARETTA, Ga., May 12, 2014 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Roughly 90% of all diseases suffered by adults over 30 are degenerative diseases which came about as a direct result of the aging process, and the root of those ailments begins with the decline of the production of Human Growth Hormone in the body as it ages. HGH is responsible for the upkeep of the cellular metabolism that maintains normal body functions and overall general health, and as the secretion of it slows, so do the normal bodily functions often taken for granted when younger. Medical science has now proven unequivocally that by replenishing the levels of growth hormone in the body, youthful function, health and vitality is restored.

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Kingsberg Medical's new website, offers comprehensive information on all aspects of HGH and Testosterone therapies, including basic descriptions of the hormones and their functions, common symptoms of deficiency, and various treatment options to achieve optimal health and wellness. Knowledge of the total functions of these hormones help the individual fully realize the impact which these hormones have on total body wellness, as well as the damage that can be caused when these crucial hormones are in decline.

Rejuvenation therapies for HGH and Testosterone have also shown that health issues created by these deficiencies are neither irreparable nor permanent. Raising insufficient levels of growth hormone in a 50 year old to those that were normal at age 30 slows biological aging and significantly reverses the illnesses and symptoms which occur within the entire process of aging.

Other informative articles from include all the pertinent information needed to make educated choices regarding the purchase of HGH, how to be tested for a deficiency and obtain a doctor's prescription, how to buy it legally, and information on avoiding purchasing illegal and potentially harmful medications.

Kingsberg Medical has streamlined the entire process of the Hormone Replacement Therapy program, from consultation to treatment, in a manner that is both time-saving and cost-effective for our patients, allowing them comfort, convenience and discretion for the length of the program. This is why many of our patients refer their friends and family members to our facility.

Visitors to our website will be able to read through the articles and learn that they can take control over their own personal health. Easy to understand articles explain the symptoms of deficiencies for both HGH and Testosterone broken down by age and approximated level of decline, allowing for and explaining other factors that may contribute to the deficiencies. Kingsberg Medical outlines the restorative properties which HGH and Testosterone treatment programs - whether prescribed together or separately - can have on older patients, and the preventative qualities therapy can have on younger adults, slowing signs of premature aging and stopping the degeneration of health before it begins.

About Kingsberg Medical:

Kingsberg Medical is a fully licensed, medical hormone replacement therapy institute specializing in testing for low hormone levels and doctor prescribed HGH and testosterone replenishment therapy and comprehensive health rejuvenation therapies for men and women across the United States.

Media Contact: Brian Leeber, Kingsberg Medical, (770) 772-4200,

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