Reputation Management Pricing Guide For 2014

Prices are compared between six different online reputation management companies.

PORTLAND, Ore., May 23, 2014 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- If you're in the market for reputation management services, you'll find there are lots of companies available to help you. The search for the right firm can be overwhelming. Costs vary wildly and many firms use different pricing models.


With the release of the 2014 Reputation Management Pricing Guide, you can now compare pricing from several online reputation management companies, all in one spot.

Affordable Reputation Management's Mike Munter conducted the survey in an attempt to provide consumers with straight facts and pricing between the different ORM companies.

"Every firm we talked to had a different pricing structure," Munter said. "Some were month-to-month, others were flat fee, and some required long term commitments. We compiled all of the data and simplified it into easy-to-read charts, so people can quickly compare bottom line pricing in a typical reputation management case."

Each company was asked to quote their pricing and timeline to fix two common online reputation management problems:

  1. Suppression of negative content. Pushing negative content off page one of Google organic search results.
  2. Cleanup Google Autocomplete. Clear negative words/phrases from appearing as suggestions after the client's name or company name in the Google search box

"Suppression of negative content and fixing Google Autocomplete are two of the most common problems we see," Munter stated. "About half of the calls we get are from individuals who want to push a negative article about them or their business off of page 1 in Google. The other half of the calls are about Google Autocomplete, which are the suggestions you see when you type your name or company name into Google."

Reputation Management Costs

Through his study, Munter discovered two distinct pricing strategies firms used: monthly pricing and flat-fee pricing.

With monthly pricing, a client continues to pay for service every month. The reputation management firm has no incentive to fix the problem. The longer the problem persists, the more money the client pays and the more money the firm earns.

"Paying monthly ongoing costs for reputation management is ridiculous. The client's goals and the ORM firm's goals are not in alignment. The client wants a speedy fix, but the ORM firm wants to keep monthly revenue coming in. For consumers who aren't knowledgeable, it's easy to get bamboozled by these firms who usually offer low monthly pricing to hook you and then do just enough work each month to keep you coming back," Munter said.

He also found problems with the flat-fee pricing models used by some ORM firms.

"The companies we talked to that offered flat fee pricing either required 100% of it up front or they required a long term contract. Here again, neither of these pricing models is client-focused. There is no emphasis on speed, which is what the client wants."

This is a big reason why Munter shifted Affordable Reputation Management to flat-fee pricing with a performance incentive.

"We quote clients a flat-fee price and we only ask for 50% up front. The other 50% is due when the job is done and our client is satisfied."

Furthermore, Munter states that his firm's prices are less expensive than every company he surveyed.

"It's really the best of both worlds for our clients – they get a flat-fee price they can take to the bank and they get the fastest possible results."

With so many individuals and business owners wanting a fast, affordable solution to their internet reputation problem, Munter feels his company is poised to be the #1 firm in the industry.

"We give you the best customer service, the best pricing, and the fastest results of all the companies we talked to," claims Munter. "Why would you want to go anywhere else?"

View the complete reputation management pricing guide or call Mike Munter directly at 503-890-6663 for a confidential consultation of your situation.

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