REP Interactive showcases Augmented Reality (AR) video display of their work for Total Communicator Solutions and Enlightened Hospitality Group mobile app

Mobile app utilizes Augmented Reality (AR) to create an engaging video experience for users

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 10, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Total Communicator Solutions' Augmented Reality (AR) mobile app was featured during the International Academy of WEBTV at the CES showcase at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. 

Having worked with big brands, such as the Los Angeles Dodgers, Coldwell Banker, Marriott, IKEA, Lego, and many others, REP Interactive (REP) highlights their video work for Total Communicator Solutions (TCS) as part of their investment into the future of video content delivery.  

During their presentation, REP took the audience through a historical perspective of video delivery that included limited distribution channels with high production costs and significant barriers to entry.

With today's multiple video distribution channels, such as YouTube, Netflix and companies' personal websites, highly customized and personalized content can be created at relatively low developmental costs.

REP showed their work with TCS as an example of how content can be created and distributed through more personalized channels, such as through mobile devices.  In today's market, there are unlimited channels that can also create unlimited micro-audiences.  With Augmented Reality (AR), content can be delivered to the right person as they engage with the content creator's products and advertisements. An example of this mobile engagement was demonstrated in a short video of the Enlightened Hospitality Group's mobile app showcasing celebrity chef Brian Malarkey welcoming users with a video superimposed on the company logo using Augmented Reality (AR).

"We selected REP because of their excellence in video production and their understanding of how to use video to engage, entertain, and educate," stated TCS founder and CEO Erik Bjontegard. "While there is a magic WOW feeling, when seeing our Augmented Reality (AR), the story being presented must deliver the right message to users.  Through their use of video combined with the Augmented Reality (AR), REP creates high-energy vignettes as a way of engaging users with innovative mobile technology. "

The Enlightened Hospitality Group's mobile app, created by TCS, features the Augmented Reality's display of REP videos overlaid on each restaurant's logo.  This is one of the groundbreaking features of the TCS mobile marketing communication platform.

"Creating engaging and entertaining content that is delivered on our customers' products and logos is a key component to capturing the interest of our users," explained Bjontegard.  "Showcasing celebrity chef Brian Malarkey in his typical high-energy style, in conjunction with Augmented Reality, is a sure way to bring him to life in ways that the app users will find entertaining."

REP Interactive showcased the Augmented Reality video display of their work for Total Communicator Solutions' and the Enlightened Hospitality Group's mobile application.

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About Total Communicator Solutions:

Founded in early 2012, Total Communicator Solutions, Inc. (TCS) has created a mobile marketing communication platform.  Their solution includes iOS and Android customized mobile applications that communicate with a cloud based Customer Relationship Management system. This system controls the feature sets on the application dynamically and has a simple-to-use dashboard interface where marketing campaigns can be created. Push notifications can be delivered directly to the mobile application, based on numerous parameters, such as: location, proximity to a geo-target, numerous geo-fences per geo-target, opt-in data, past behavior and preferences, as well as time and date. This enables the operator to deliver the right message to the right person at the right time and place.  Numerous technologies can also be included in the mobile applications, such as: Augmented Reality (AR), image recognition, peer-to-peer communication, and more. Unlike many other companies in the AR space, TCS provides the communication solution for its customers within their own branded applications.

TCS Founder and CEO Erik Bjontegard was previously located at Qualcomm, where he was part of the team to bring AR to market.  He started his career as a rocket scientist educated in England working on the Space Shuttle and other advanced aerospace programs. 

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