Removing Mugshots Easier now with is proud to announce a solution that can help quickly and effectively remove California mugshot records

DENVER, Feb. 6, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Many California residents have noticed their California mugshot records appearing on a number of different privately owned websites.  Reputation management firm, is putting a stop publication of mugshots by helping people quickly and effectively remove their online mugshot records.

In 2011, travel spending in California topped $102.3 billion, according to the California Tourism Industry, and that figure represents a 7.6 percent increase from 2010 spending rates. Tourists are lured by the sunshine, the stars and the seaside, and they may have intense vacation experiences here that they'd be hard pressed to find anywhere else. But all of that revelry could have a poor impact on reputations, as California is an open records state that shares mugshots and arrest information with A pleasure trip could end in reputation disaster, if police are called in and an arrest takes place. is proud to announce a solution that can help remove mugshots quickly and effectively.

In California, if a police officer is called to the scene and charges are filed against a person, mugshots are automatically part of the booking process. Multiple state and county websites publish both the photographs and the arrest details. For example, the City of Roseville publishes daily information about people who are arrested, and that information stays in place for one week. simply "scrapes" those sites and uses the information to populate its own, but it doesn't place a deadline or timeframe for publication. Once a photo is on, it stays in place for good, unless someone intervenes. also indexes its site to Google, meaning that all images on the site will be attached to the name of the person who appears in the photographs. Running a search on Google for a person's name might lead to a search results page with topping the list. Even charges that were later thrown out will not be removed from, unless people take action and ask for their removal. makes removal immediate and easy. The company can break all indexing links to Google, ensuring that the photos and arrest documents are gone for good, and the company can even create a sophisticated public relations campaign that can insulate people from future attacks. It's a comprehensive response to a terrible problem, and work begins with just one phone call. is proud to offer this solution in California, and the company hopes consumers will sign up to use the service.

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