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DENVER, Colo., March 18, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- An internet reputation attack can take many forms. Some find their reputations slaughtered by comments on blogs, some find that their enemies are using comment sections of news articles to attack them and others stumble across tweets that lie about their past and attempt to wreck their futures. It's all very discouraging, but can help. A new product line has been specifically developed to help clients remove internet defamation for good.

(Photo: has been a respected leader in the online reputation management field for years, but this new product has been designed to help consumers who may have never even heard of the company before, and who may not even know what reputation management is all about.

"We've discovered that there's a large group of people out there who are under attack each and every day, and who think there's nothing they can do to fight back," says an representative. "These clients think that lies told online are just part of doing business, and they hope that the problem will just disappear if they're nice and kind and patient. We know that's not true, and we wanted to help."

The new product line offers a streamlined approach to an internet defamation problem. Job one involves deleting damning information.

"We're one of the only companies out there who can actually remove information," says an representative. "We have contacts within the legal system who are adept at spotting content that violates user agreements, and those professionals can spring into action and force content providers to delete content that's damaging."

Next, consumers are matched with talented writers who can create replacement content that's flattering and educational.

"We specialize in creating content that's actually interesting and useful," says an representative. "We don't stuff our work with keywords and we don't write fluff pieces. Our writers strive to write articles that people would like to read, as these are the kinds of stories that rank high in search engine results and bring our clients the best kind of publicity."

The cost can vary, depending on the nature of the problem, but the fees are deliberately kept at a reasonable range.

"That's something we work hard to achieve, as we want people from all income levels to have the ability to fight back against a reputation attack," says a company representative. "Keeping prices low means they're accessible, and that's something we strive for."

Visit www.internetreputation.comto find out more about this innovative new program. 

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