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Delete Arkansas online mugshot records with the help of's new mugshot removal service.

DENVER, Feb. 4, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- The web makes it easy for anyone to design a site, populate it with content and watch the money start rolling in., for example, uses a simple computer program that scans public websites for arrest photos and information, and the site seems to stay afloat through banner ads. People who are arrested in Arkansas may balk at the idea that their private arrests can be used to fund the work of a website designer they've never met, but the laws allow the site to stay up and running, and in the past, it was difficult for people photographed to fight back. is proud to announce a new solution for this very old problem.

Breaking Down the Popularity

Celebrating the failure of someone else has always been a sneaky pleasure for human beings, and it's likely rooted deep within the DNA. For example, researchers writing in the journal Biological Psychiatry found that providing people with a boost of the hormone oxytocin caused research subjects to gloat just a bit more when they received a benefit another person did not. If hormones and chemicals regulate this kind of behavior, driving us to want to see others fail, mugshot websites like seem destined to succeed. Here, people can see their friends and neighbors at their most humble and needy, and feelings of superiority can rise through the roof when this takes place. does even more to ensure that the site remains popular. In just a few clicks of a computer mouse, viewers can tag photographs they see with insulting comments, or users can write their own comments. Users can also share the images with their own social networks, further attacking the people photographed, all while promoting According to research published in the International Journal of Web Engineering and Technology, playfulness features like this in which users are allowed to interact and have fun, tend to make websites much more popular. The impact of joking on a mugshot site could mean devastation for reputations, but it could also make the site's administrators just a bit wealthier.

How Can Help is operating well within the boundaries of the law, as Arkansas makes all arrest information open and accessible to the public. People who wish to fight back by opening up lawsuits or otherwise using lawyers to remove information will hit a dead end. But, can immediately remove all information from the site, and there are no procedural hoops to jump through. A simple request is all that's needed, and the owner of will have one less photo to make money on. Find out more at

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