Remedy Roofing Austin Texas Announces New Ridge Vent Installation Specials

The Trusted Team of Experts at Remedy Roofing Now Offering Ridge Vent Installation Specials for Budget-Savvy Homeowners.

AUSTIN, Texas, April 4, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Remedy Roofing understands how important attic ventilation is to the overall health of your roof and home. Homeowners don't always appreciate the importance of good ventilation, and some roofers will take advantage of their lack of knowledge. Remedy Roofing, however, is dedicated to customer service and wants every homeowner to understand how the right attic ventilation can make a difference in their home.

Understanding the Draft
Warm air rises and cool air falls. When attics are not fully vented, the warm air rises and becomes trapped in the space. When the space is ventilated, however, a draft is created. With proper venting, a natural convection is created that pulls fresh, cooler air into the attic through the soffits, and the hot air is pushed out of vents located at the top of the attic.

Problems with Poor Ventilation
There are several problems that occur with poor attic ventilation. The problems persist throughout the year, and the damage can be extensive.

Winter Ice Dams
As heat from your home migrates into the attic in the winter, it becomes trapped. Building up, it warms the roof decking and melts snow on the roof. If the water has nowhere to drain due to snow build-up, then an ice dam forms. The melting water will find its own exit—usually through your roof and into your home.

Stifling Heat in Summer
Attics become super charged in the summer. An unventilated attic will start to feel like an oven, and that heat presses down on the home interior. The air conditioner will struggle to cool the house, and owners may spend the summer battling heat inside their homes.

Baked Shingles
The damage isn't limited to the interior of a home. The summer heat not only presses down on the living space, it also pushes up through the roof deck. Shingles can become baked from underneath, causing them to become brittle and break. Not only will the roof fail faster, but the warranty will also be voided. Making matters worse, most home insurance companies will not cover this type of damage.

Mold and Insulation Damage
Condensation can build up at any time in the attic, but it will dry out quickly and safely with proper attic insulation. Otherwise, the moisture can result in mold growth and ruined insulation.

Damage to the Frame
The same summer heat that destroys shingles will also damage your wood framing.

Recommended Levels
The Federal Housing Administration recommends that homeowners have a minimum of one-square-foot of ventilation for every 300-square-foot of attic space. This can be accomplished by installing different types of vents, but ridge vents are currently the most popular choice seen with Remedy Roofing Austin services.

The Beauty of Ridge Vents
One of the biggest advantages of ridge vents is that they just look nice. Blending in with the upper roofline, they are unobtrusive and will blend nicely with the roof. At the same time, they create a smooth escape route for air flowing through the attic. The ventilation system is more balanced than other options, so homeowners can avoid serious structural problems.

About Us
Remedy Roofing is a highly experienced roofing company in the Austin area. A GAF Master Elite Contractor, they have also been awarded the GAF Consumer Protection & Training Excellence Award. They take the time to educate consumers, so homeowners can understand how important proper ventilation is and make the best roofing decisions for their homes. They offer a variety of services including roofs, windows, doors, siding and gutters. Homeowners can call them today to learn more about the importance of attic ventilation and schedule their free home inspection. Those interested in learning more about the services offered by the Remedy Roofing Austin team can visit their website,, or call the 24-hour customer call center at 1-866-919-2623 for more information.

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