Reliance Foundry Selected to Supply Martello Bollards for NYCDOT

Reliance Foundry becomes supplier of an historically-inspired bollard that was designed by the renowned Billings Jackson Design Studio for the New York Department of Transportation.

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, June 27, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Reliance Foundry Co. Ltd., North America's premier supplier of bollards, bike racks, and custom castings, announced today that it has been selected to supply the Billings Jackson-designed Martello Bollards for the City of New York Department of Transportation (NYCDOT). The bollards were designed by the renowned Billings Jackson Design studio and feature an extremely unique design and historically-inspired form that increases safety on streetscapes. Billings Jackson began talks with Reliance Foundry in 2010 and the agreement that was announced today makes Reliance Foundry a new supplier of bollards that will help to protect pedestrians on New York’s sidewalks. An order has been placed for initial production of the Martello Bollards that the NYCDOT plans to have installed on various meridians and sidewalks throughout New York City. The contract is open-ended and discussions are underway to have the same bollards supplied to other municipal departments such as the New York Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA). Production has begun, and when installed these bollards will bring elements of historic defense to the contemporary sidewalks and pedestrian areas of New York.


“Of course, any project of this magnitude is a big deal, and we’re thrilled to have been chosen by Billings Jackson Design as the official supplier of their completely unique Martello Bollards,” says Brad Done, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Reliance Foundry. “I’m predicting that their ingenious design will be a game-changer.”

Duncan Jackson, Founder-Director at Billings Jackson Design, came up with the design for these bollards and he drew his inspiration from the historic fortifications that line the coastline of his home county of Suffolk in England. The historic fortifications, known as Martello Towers, were defensive garrisons that were installed at key coastal positions throughout the British Empire to fend off potential attacks from the French Navy, during Napoleon's reign.  The round shape of these towers made them ideal for protecting a 180 degree radius that spanned the shoreline and allowed them to deflect projectiles. Martello towers were designed with stronger walls on the side of the tower that faced the sea and their design helped to concentrate outside attacks into one area of focus. Jackson employed the same elements that gave these structures their defensive prowess into the design of the Martello Bollard. Intended to be placed on meridians, sidewalks and corners, Martello Bollards are designed to help protect pedestrian and commercial property in the same manner the towers once protected shorelines from enemy attack. Where Martello towers were designed to deflect enemy cannon fire, Martello Bollards are designed to deter and deflect the tires of errant vehicles and minimize the occurrence of vehicle encroachment on sidewalks and meridians. In the same way that the towers of old were constructed from a highly-durable material that could withstand impact, so too are Martello Bollards constructed from heavy duty material - ASTM A36 steel. Enhancing the form of the traditional Martello structures, Jackson designed the front of the Martello Bollard with a slight slope that would disrupt the energy of any vehicle that struck it. If an errant vehicle strikes the bollard, its momentum is shifted upwards and this causes the vehicle to lose speed. The slight slope will allow gravity to pull the vehicle back onto the roadway and the intended traffic route. A protective traffic guidance device, the new Martello bollard uses the historic defensive principles that stopped Napoleon to bring a new level of protection to the pedestrians and businesses of New York.

"We wanted to create a more contemporary and higher-performing bollard and, while at home in Suffolk, I ended up drawing my inspiration from one of the most defensive pieces of architecture ever created, "says  Jackson. "I thought 'why not design a bollard that mimicked all the protective properties of the Martello Tower?' and the idea for the Martello Bollard was born.

"With over 85 years of foundry experience, Reliance Foundry brings an unsurpassed level of craftsmanship to the production of the Martello Bollards and all production will take place within the United States. Initial tests demonstrate that these bollards will have the ability to withstand vehicular incursion without showing significant signs of deformation. Martello Bollards will be finished with a highly-durable powder-coating and will feature reflective striping. In addition to the concrete-filled, embedded Martello Bollard models, Reliance Foundry will offer cost-sensitive, stand-alone models that can be installed to coincide architecturally with the embedded models. The NYCDOT Martello Bollards have gone into production and initial delivery is expected to take place in mid-September. Upon completion of the initial NYCDOT order, Reliance Foundry plans to market the Martello Bollards alongside the other models in its extensive bollard catalog.  For more information on Reliance Foundry's bollard solutions, please visit:

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