Regina Swarn Television & Radio Producer Spotlight 2 Outstanding Artists

Gin Spotlights Art

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif., July 5, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Regina Swarn, Television & Radio Producer Spotlight  2 Outstanding Artists.


Stephen Froelich & Murphy Elliott

"It's almost impossible not to admire someone that takes time out of their busy schedule to create beautiful art of my photos," says Gin when talking about the work of Stephen Froelich, better known to his friends and colleague as Stephen Paul.  His work is some of the very best in the world and it's amazing what he can do with a simple picture by turning it into pure gold with the stroke of a paint brush.  

Mr. Froelich in his own words

I've always enjoyed photography, but didn't get into it seriously till a few years ago when a lab lost three rolls of film I'd taken at Walt Disney World. I decided then that it was time to go digital. Digital allows one to take thousands of shots at virtually no cost beyond the purchase of your camera and card, and do some truly remarkable things with your photos (I like to think of it as painting with light). My favorite subjects are nature, events… such as Nascar races,  music  concerts, and most of all, my friends and family…the people I love.

Photography, and the processing of those images…to be able to capture  beauty, or even enhance it … is a great pleasure. I especially enjoy working with Gin's images…she's beautiful, and the camera loves her! Most of the time, my greatest task is just to stay out of the way and let her be beautiful. Gin reminds me of classic film stars from the 40's & 50's (Ava Gardner, Marilyn Monroe & Elizabeth Taylor), and todays stars like Angelina Jolie with her beautiful pouty lips.  When working on her images I'm often reminded of these stars.  When I can do something that actually enhances the photo…then I feel I'm approaching Art.

The Official Art Gallery Website of Stephen Paul is coming soon, but in the meantime if you would like to contact him about an art job or his work feel free to drop him a line at

Murphy Elliott

Murphy is an extraordinary artist and his great artwork can be found online everywhere.

"Yes I am a house painter. I'm a Trade Qualified Master Painter," says Murphy.

"I first heard of this fantastic artist back in March,"  says Gin.   I'm honored to have had my picture drawn by this great man.  His work is some of the very best out on the market today.  His bio is huge and quite impressive.  He does it all when it comes to painting.  Murphy is seeking an agent.  Please feel free to contact him at his Official Website listed below where you will find his best work and ways to contact him.  I'll call him the great painter for Murphy Elliott's art is his passion whether on paper, canvas, windows or doors....In a word he's REMARKABLE!!

Gin has worked in the music and entertainment  industry as an artist and a promoter for over 15 years. He's highly respected by bands, film makers, and major record labels.  Gin's newest role is television, film and radio producer.

To learn more about this amazing woman follow her at Regina Swarn World Media where you can check out her blogs, connect  with other music fans and artists, and keep up with the latest news, music and events.


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