Redzone Announces Millimeter Wave 5GX Fixed Wireless Deployment in Maine's Largest City

Innovative 5GX Multi-Spectrum Wireless Broadband Network in Portland is The First In The Nation To Combine Three Spectrum Bands in a Commercially Available Service -- Licensed 2.5 GHz, Unlicensed 5 GHz and 60GHz Millimeter Wave to Deliver Gigabit Speeds

ROCKLAND, Maine, Dec. 4, 2017 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Redzone Wireless, LLC, a Maine-based wireless broadband innovation company, has announced immediate plans to incorporate millimeter wave spectrum in its 5GX network, and to begin offering gigabit broadband speeds to residential and commercial customers in selected areas of Portland in the first quarter of 2018.

Millimeter wave spectrum operates at extremely high frequencies - above 30 GHz, and is widely recognized for its substantial capacity to deliver high speed wireless data, at extremely low latency.  Redzone's 5GX multi-spectrum network approach combines the benefits of millimeter wave broadband speeds with the coverage benefits of mid-band 2.5GHz licensed LTE.

 "Redzone's 5GX with millimeter wave significantly increases fixed wireless broadband speed, while substantially reducing network development time and deployment costs associated with fiber based alternatives, said Jim McKenna, President Redzone Wireless, LLC.  "Redzone is driving innovation in the convergence of licensed and unlicensed spectrum to deliver on the promise of affordable next generation 5G gigabit broadband access for underserved areas of the country."   

"Redzone Wireless is propelling Maine into the era of 5G Fixed Wireless Access (5G FWA)," said Wireless 20/20 Senior Analyst Berge Ayvazian.   "By aggregating Millimeter Wave, FCC licensed 2.5 GHz and unlicensed 5 GHz spectrum bands, Redzone is significantly increasing its network performance and service capacity to level the playing field. Redzone is already putting 5Gx FWA to work for the benefit of its current and future customers."

The multi-phase millimeter wave project, expected to be completed in 2018, will include deployment of Redzone's enhanced 5GX wireless broadband transmission sites to serve thousands of residential and business locations throughout the Portland metro area.

 "Redzone is leading the nation in fixed wireless broadband technology innovation with 5GX, and our expanded platform incorporating millimeter wave spectrum has the potential to change the way people across the US connect to the Internet – ultimately making it better, faster and cheaper." said Michael Forcillo, Redzone Wireless, LLC Executive Vice President.  "While national mobile carriers like AT&T & Verizon are talking about future 5G fixed wireless deployments, Redzone is bringing 5GX to customers today."

Since Redzone's network launch in 2015, the company has received over 100,000 broadband service inquiries, and the expansion of 5Gx network with millimeter wave spectrum enables Redzone to provide a true cost effective alternative to fiber optic (FTTP) broadband.

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Redzone Wireless, LLC, established in 2014, has developed, deployed and branded a new carrier grade fixed wireless broadband network standard. The company's "first in the nation" 5GX advanced multi-spectrum fixed wireless network aggregates millimeter wave spectrum with FCC licensed mid band spectrum at 2.5 GHz, and unlicensed 5 GHz spectrum on a proprietary operational support system.  Redzone is expanding its 5GX wireless broadband network in underserved areas of Maine, with plans to expand across the US. Redzone's 5GX provides an economically viable premium broadband service alternative to wireline, fiber, or cable. 

Media Contact: Michael Forcillo, Redzone Wireless, LLC, 2075965700,

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