Focus on Decorating: Will Santa Help You Sell Your Home?

LOS ANGELES, Dec. 5, 2012 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- If decking the halls and busting out the egg nog helps you feel merry and bright, be warned. It doesn't make everyone feel that festive. While Santa may know if you've been naughty or nice, he isn't quite as much of an expert on real estate. That's why the big guy should lay a little low if you're trying to sell your home this holiday season. We're not saying you need to keep Santa and his reindeer away altogether. However, if you go overboard with your holiday decorations, it can actually PREVENT your home from selling. "How can that be?" you're probably wondering. "After all, don't realtors suggest putting out little touches of home in order to make a home sell faster?" Absolutely. However, there's a big difference between putting out a few personal touches and turning your home into Santa's workshop. Even if potential home-buyers aren't Grinches, they'll be turned off by too much holiday decor. Here's why:


1. It makes the space YOURS, not THEIRS Above all else, your goal is to make potential home buyers walk into your home and envision propping their feet up and calling the place "home". However, that's really tough for people to do when you've got a giant picture in the middle of the living room of you dressed up as Santa, your wife as Mrs. Claus, your kids dressed up as elves, and your dog donning a set of reindeer antlers. Putting up the picture may be a treasured family holiday tradition for you, but for potential home buyers, it's an unavoidable reminder that they're "trespassing" in someone else's home. If they feel uncomfortable in your home, it may prevent them from putting in an offer!

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2. They may not share your religious beliefs Even if you think your angels and crosses are tasteful, a family of Jewish homebuyers may not think so. Again, it will be tough for them to envision living there (and enjoying Hanukkah dinners there) when you've got a manger set up in the corner. Remember, your home needs to be set up in such a way so that it appeals to everyone. If that means doing a little less decorating this year, so be it. After all, you want to sell your home, right?!

3. You might accidentally make your home look smaller than it really is Let's face it – all of those holiday decorations that you love so much take up a ton of space. When you've got a listing that describes your home as "open, airy, and spacious", the last thing you need is for potential homebuyers to come in and find a house that's actually cluttered, cramped, and disorganized. So, if your Christmas tree takes up half the room, you might want to think about downsizing this year. After all, is having a giant tree worth making the wrong impression to potential buyers?

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4. It shifts the focus Even if you pay to have your holiday decorations put up by a professional – and they look like something out of a magazine – you could still have a problem. After all, you don't want the focus to be on your decorations. You want the focus on your home's natural beauty – like on the great archway by the front door, the beautiful staircase, or those awesome granite countertops on the kitchen. If people are too focused on your holiday decorations (things that are going to be gone in a few weeks), they're not going to fall in love with what your house REALLY has to offer. In the end, they won't end up buying it!

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