Psychic Christopher Golden on Enlightenment

An Invitation to Wake Up to the Beauty of Who You Are

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif., Feb. 10, 2014 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Why has this article appeared before your eyes just now?  For what purpose have we found each other?  Is it because you are bored?  Is it because you are looking for a Psychic?  Are you simply passing the time - waiting for the next moment - waiting for your hair to grow?  What has brought you here and why now?

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Take a look around this world.  It's like a funhouse at a carnival.  Take a look at your life and isn't it the same?  The whole world is like a giant, flashing, psychic website.  It promises you something better if you are willing to pay the price. And you click on all of these buttons and you pay and you give and yet still - you remain unsatisfied.  Could this be because you do not really know what it is that you seek?  Perhaps you think you know - but do you really know - really?

Isn't it true that all the world is in fact a stage, that this is all really just theater? Are we not all characters cast into roles in each other's lives?  Our journey is a karmic journey.  And we enlist each other for the purpose of waking up.  That is why you are here - is to wake up.  Everything else is just the cover story.  

You can pretend I never said this, that we never ran into each other and you can move on with the story of your life.  Or we can continue to go deeper down the rabbit hole.

Have you ever stopped to wonder what it is that is gazing out through your eyes?  "God" is closer to you than yourself.  The longing you feel, that longing which brought you to this here and now, it's what drives the whole world.  That longing, whether it is addressed intelligently or foolishly, has an intelligence to it. 

You are that.  You are that intelligence.  Only, you probably don't believe it. And so here we are.  I'll play the role of the Psychic and you can play the role of the seeker.  Why else would I be given these strange mystical gifts and why else would you be driven in such a way to ask questions of a Psychic, were it not in pursuit of something greater?  Remember, this is just the cover story.  It's possible that there is more going on here than just you reading a fluff piece from a noted online Psychic Reader. 

Perhaps a soul lives thousands or millions of lifetimes without ever even hearing or reading the word "Enlightenment".  But Self Realization, or "waking up" is something for which you have always had an appointment waiting for you - maybe in the future, maybe right now.  

The past, present and future are all a part of the same landscape, from where I sit.  Where you have your awakening, when and how - this is all for you to decide.  Maybe all you care about is finding a Psychic to reconnect you with your soul mate.  Maybe you don't care about psychics at all.  In that case, disregard everything I have said here and everything you have read.  This question, the question of the true nature of your longing, will come back to you again, in another form, at another time, when you are ready - or when you're not ready at all.  But it will come back - this I can assure you of. 

I hope you will use this opportunity and see this accident for what it is.  There has been "a glitch in the Matrix".  You have ran into yourself again and again and again.  You can pursue this drama, or that intrigue, or this other person over there.  Or you can choose to let this moment in time be the moment you decide that you are ready to go inward.  And when the inward journey is ready to begin, I look forward to be a part of that journey with you.  I hope you will allow my guidance to introduce you to someone whom you've never met before - your Self.

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