Press Releases and the Duplicate Content Penalty Issue

DALLAS, July 25, 2012 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- After a slew of search algorithm updates from Google, it is not uncommon to see online marketing professionals and website owners going gaga over the misconceived "duplicate content penalty."  Due to the ruckus brought by the series of penalties and de-indexation reports (that happened to websites hit by the Panda and Penguin updates), a lot of misinformed netizens now fear the "duplicate content penalty" which may occur after publishing press releases on multiple press release and news websites.

Publishing your Press Release on Multiple Websites Won't Get You Penalized

Don't be chewed down by SEO and the duplicate content penalty issue.  Bear in mind that your press release is a marketing tool for spreading the news about your company to as many places as possible.  Always remember that it is not primarily intended to gain SEO benefits. 

The duplicate content filter only applies to redundant contents, which are created with malicious intentions to trick the system and gain high rankings in search engine results pages (SERPs).  Learn more about how Google truly deals with duplicate contents here.

The Truth behind the "Duplicate Content Penalty" Myth

The duplicate content penalty is a myth.  But, although Google has already released an official statement  straightening the facts about this issue, people and some search practitioners just won't stop spreading the false information.  The truth behind the duplicate content penalty myth is that it doesn't exist.  The "penalty" issue being discussed and debated in countless forums and blogs is the result of some "search experts" misinterpreted how Google treats duplicate contents. 

Learn how to deal with duplicate content issues here.

Search Engines are Not the Only Source of Traffic and Referrals

People who worry too much of "duplicate content" (when it comes to distributing press releases to multiple websites) have totally forgotten that search engines are not the only popular source of traffic and referrals.  There are the social media, direct website visits, and popular websites to begin with.

A well-developed online marketing strategy should not just depend on one channel in creating exposure and visibility.  Maximizing the use of all possible means of getting exposure such as social media optimization, pay per click, and press release distribution are more recommended.

Press releases nowadays are not just designed for the media alone nor primarily written for search engines.  They are written for the readers or the target audiences in mind.  Duplicate content issues that come with publishing them in multiple websites should not be mistaken as penalties.  They are only issues.  Penalties for duplicate content do not exist. Just remember that using a reliable online press release distribution site matters.

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