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How to remove mugshots from Google and the Internet quickly and effecitvely

DENVER, April 25, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- The mugshot industry is booming in the United States, and each time someone is arrested in this country, that person faces the very real possibility of public humiliation and inadvertent fame., one of the leading reputation management companies in the world, is offering a new product line that can deliver instant relief. With one click of the mouse, clients can have all of their mugshots removed from the web, with results guaranteed within one business day.

A Pressing Need

It's hard to know why mugshots are so very popular, but the executives at suggest that these sites are playing off of a recent push to visual, happening all across the web. Statistics released by Focus, for example, suggest that Facebook is commonly used as a photo-delivery tool with 36 billion photos uploaded each year. Similarly, the web app SnapChat, which provides photographs on a short timeline, is the sixth most popular app on iTunes, with 20 million photos shared on a daily basis, according to NCC News. Mugshots might provide the perfect fodder for sharing in this environment.

"Many mugshots are inadvertently funny, and people seem to love to share them," says an representative. "They see the photos on the mugshot sites, clip them onto their desktops and then paste them all over social media. It just takes a few minutes, and a lot of people think it's really funny."

Unfortunately, sharing like this can lead to devastating consequences for the people who are photographed.

"One woman arrested in 2010 has become pretty famous on Reddit, as her photograph is pretty attractive," says an representative. "The mugshot sites are also displaying her address, however, and this means some pretty creepy people have been proposing to her, showing up at her house and just acting badly. She's taking the attention in stride, but I still think something bad could happen when something like this goes viral."

A Quick Response

Stemming the tide of damage often means reacting with lightening speed when a mugshot is up and running.

"If we can get that photo taken down in minutes, people won't be able to copy it, paste it, follow it, anything at all," says an representative. "Once it's gone with our service, it's gone for good. And our instant response can ensure that the photos aren't lingering out there in cyberspace for people to abuse in their wicked ways." is one of the only reputation-management companies that can offer this kind of rapid response, and their work is guaranteed. Signing up is as simple as filling out an online form and answering a few questions about where the photos are located and how long they've been there. Once payment has been processed, the photos are deleted and backlinks from Google are broken.

The Solution 

"Our process is a bit like turning back the clock," says an representative. "When we're done, it's as though the photos never existed in the first place. We're really proud of this product line and the help we can provide our clients."

Unlike other mugshot removal companies also offers a privacy program that helps prevent future humiliation from the spread of online mugshots.

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