Updates Its Services and Compatibility Features

MANHATTAN, N.Y., Oct. 9, 2017 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- has recently announced a few major changes to their services, including a comprehensive redesign of their mail applications for superior compatibility and ease of use across smartphones and multiple other devices. This change coincides with their move to a brand-new location in one of the world's most prestigious settings for doing business: New York City's 99 Wall Street building. This modern, mixed-use complex is the locale in which is looking to grow and develop its brand, offering its innovative and cost-effective services to more private users and businesses alike.

Background and What's Ahead

Thousands of clients rely on for virtual mail solutions, mailbox forwarding, and dozens of other convenient communication services. They have made it their mission to provide their clients with advanced and efficient mail solutions designed around the customer for a superior alternative to a PO Box, pricier mail software, traditional mailboxes, and other mail services. will continue to improve its customer-oriented services from its centralized Wall Street location, working to periodically make their mail services even more user-friendly. The company itself has asserted that "innovating and making [their] products and services better… is an endless task." They work to constantly remain in touch with the latest trends in technology and advancements in electronic services. The company's founders have roots in engineering that inspires their passion for advancement and for improving public access to efficient technology.

Their new location will be more secure than ever to protect the privacy and security of their clientele's private mail and data. What's more, their mail-handling employees and processes are under rigorous scrutiny to prevent leaks or data sharing. This is more than most major online mail services can offer, what with the newsworthy leaks and data breaches that have hit many major online mail systems in recent years. What's more, they will be improving their already well-received customer service and support teams to welcome customer feedback and increase their availability to their clientele. has stated that they are "not afraid to speak and hear what [their] clients have to say," and have encouraged their customer base to reach out to them as often as they'd like. After all, feedback spurs growth and improvement.

Offered Services will continue to host its same popular services, including online access to postal mail as an alternative to traveling to check a physical mailbox—a cumbersome task for many large businesses. Startups and small businesses can benefit from their physical mailing address services, a feature that they even offer to private citizens. Members of the military or other folks on the move can benefit from receiving a physical mailing address or virtual business address from Their virtual mailboxes are created to be manageable and operable from anywhere with online access. No need to forward your address if you are temporarily moving or put a hold on your mail while you are on vacation; instead, their customers can securely check their mail online. This innovative service essentially upgrades the traditional physical mailbox to the ease-of-use and flexibility of an email address. While so-called "snail mail" has lost some usage to email and other online communication services, is aware that a physical address is still used by many individuals and businesses, and is a key feature for bank-to-client communication, insurer-to-payee payments, retail product delivery, and more. Rather than going the way of the fax machine, the mailbox has an enduring relevance, so offers online access to postal mail, international shipping services, shredding of unneeded documents like spam, and real-time alerts to keep you in touch with your mail without needing to take a trip to your local post office or return to your curbside mailbox.

Digital Storage

Digital storage is the new real estate, which is why many companies charge big money for online data space, including Apple's iCloud or Microsoft Exchange. will continue to offer a cheaper alternative with unlimited digital storage, access to unlimited mail recipients, and more. Unlike other services that charge for data storage by level—for example, charging per gigabyte of data and forcing you to pay premiums as you upgrade—they write unlimited storage benefits into their service plans.

Meanwhile, asserts that their competitors can be far more expensive, even when they offer a similar level of services. Worse yet, many of their competitors offer services at prices that grow exponentially as your business grows. For instance, it is estimated that a company with about 100 employees can expect to pay over $7,000 for Microsoft Exchange's mail services.

Pricing Benefits

However, relying on's virtual mailbox solutions can be as low as $7.98 a month, according to the company—a price tag meant to compete with pricey PO boxes that can starve new businesses and private citizens of much-needed cash. Better yet, offers a 30-day money-back guarantee for their services with no sign-up fees, hidden fees, or contracts—a necessity for those new to the virtual mailbox and curious about trying these services without being roped into a binding service plan or otherwise gamble with unfamiliar products. is organized to encourage individuals and companies of all sizes to try their services without risk. .

Upgrading Your Mail Services

You can begin using your new address right away if you sign up at They make it easy to learn about their services, especially when it comes to which plan options may be right for your private or commercial needs. You can see for yourself the efficiency and other benefits when you upgrade a traditional mailbox, including access to their smartphone and tablet app, the ability to check your mail from anywhere, business options that include the ability to assign multiple admins, and so much more. They have recently redesigned their virtual mail app for even better customer access and control, further expressing their commitment to the customer. The company has detailed that further developments are ahead, and encourages the public to visit their website to experience the growing benefits as they themselves grow to support their clientele's every-changing needs.

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