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NEW YORK, Nov. 22, 2017 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- The latest from, longtime specialists in mailbox forwarding and other online conveniences, is a major move for the New York City-based company. As of October 20th, 2017, they've expanded their services and are now offering free check deposit features to their customer base, accessible from virtually anywhere with Internet access. What do the services entail, and how is the company that originally provided you with a virtual business address going to offer you more than ever? We have the details below.

About the Company specializes in giving residents and businesses access to their mail safely from anywhere, offering a cheap alternative to a PO Box, a safe address from which to virtually do business, and much more. The company has long focused on offering more than just a virtual mailbox, though. For example, some of their latest services include free digital storage, an online app for accessing your mail, and even integration with Evernote, the popular organization app. What's more, they have offered all of these services without sign-on fees, plans with distant expiration dates, binding contracts, or cancellation fees. Clearly, customer convenience and flexibility have been their main priorities since they've been in business. However, the company is aware that its customers are looking for more out of their services, and this includes getting the same conveniences with their finances that they are getting with their bills, invoices, and other mail. They have therefore been working on a solution, and as of this October, the services are now live. They are offering their customers free check depositing services, all with the same no-obligation promise they've committed to for years.

About Check Deposit Services

How does this check deposit service work? We remove the check from its original envelope, place it in a new one with a deposit slip, and send it directly to the bank. What sets our service apart from competitors is that we do not charge any processing fees. We only charge for postage, and you can choose whichever shipping option works best for you (priority with tracking, next-day air, etc.). Our system carries the addresses of most major banks, so your check will be processed through your most trusted banking source. This works on both private accounts and business accounts.

Convenience and Compatibility

Any US bank that supports mail-in deposits will accept your check. If you are unsure if this includes your bank, know that this includes the top 10 banks in the nation: Bank of America, Capital One, Chase, Citibank, USAA, Wells Fargo, SunTrust, ING, Comerica, and HSBC. Some credit unions and other small, local banks may also accept these services, meaning that you can even bank locally and still make deposits from virtually anywhere. No need to stop by your bank to make in-person deposits or hold vital incoming finances until you have time to make the trip. The safest and fastest alternative for your personal and business finances is available via a virtual mailbox.

A Free Alternative

Some banks offer online deposit services for a marginal fee, while some virtual mailbox companies charge you a fee per check deposited. Worse, some of their other competitors may require that you sign up for a paid, extended-duration contract in order to access online deposit services at all, paying for the services even when they aren't being used., meanwhile, has promised that their secure check deposit services are completely, 100 percent free. Don't expect to pay for shipping, pay a fee to use a regional bank, be subjected to hidden "service fees," or have a maximum check limit imposed on the services.

For More Information encourages its longtime clients, new customers, and interested parties to visit their website for more information. You can learn about their long list of mailbox and online storage services, available for residences and businesses alike, and learn more about how to make free check deposits. is, above all else, in the business of making mail more convenient and efficient. Now that they offer check deposit services completely free to their customers, they've updated what it means to have a virtual mailbox.

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