Philanthropist, Stephen Dowicz, Discusses How Philanthropy Can Help Benefit Businesses

NORWALK, Conn., Sept. 6, 2017 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Philanthropist, Stephen Dowicz, discusses how philanthropy can help benefit businesses.

The act of philanthropy is a generous undertaking. Giving time and money to benefit those who are needy can leave one with a wonderful feeling. Philanthropy can also benefit businesses. Here is how.

Philanthropy builds respect—and a business's reputation. When it comes to places of employment, the best places to work tend to be the ones that give to those who are less fortunate. Having a good reputation can boost sales because people run under the assumption that quality products are produced. As a businessperson, being a leader means exhibiting leadership qualities. Sometimes, actions speak louder than words, and giving to a charity shows you are proactively giving back to the community—and acting as a leader in your field.

Philanthropy improves the community. Businesses that donate to causes close to home can improve their images in the eyes of the communities they are based in. Demonstrating that you care about parks, schools, etc. in your community will boost sales in the long term. When a philanthropic act is performed, promote it through social media. It is the best kind of publicity.

Philanthropy builds networks. Making connections is one of the most important ways to conduct business, Stephen M. Dowicz maintains. A charity event is an ideal way to run into the elite of the business world and network with ease. When narrowing down causes you wish to contribute to, consider your company's mission and values—and make sure they are in sync with that cause.

Philanthropy attracts talented employees. Once prospective employees realize that you care the community and give back on a regular basis, they will be attracted to your company. Millennials, in particular, do not want to simply build a career; they want to change the world. Working for a philanthropic company means they get to experience the best of both worlds! They will work harder, ultimately leading to more profit for you.

Philanthropy provides training opportunities. Once a business lands top talent, they will need to be trained, which can be costly. Philanthropy allows businesses to write off large portions of those expenses by sending out employees to practice and learn new skills while volunteering at nonprofit organizations.

About Stephen Dowicz: Philanthropist Stephen Dowicz is a successful businessman in the real estate and spa industries. He has made many charitable contributions over the course of his career and is an expert in private equity matters.

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