Payphones making a comeback due to innovations by California company; The WOD-POD

The new WOD-POD services make payphones viable and potentially profitable again


LOS ANGELES, Nov. 7, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Alliance Payphone, Inc. has developed 2 new services for payphones that are now starting to be deployed in the US. They are a .50 cent high speed Wifi-On-Demand (WOD) for a one day session, and .50 cent Power-On-Demand (POD) service outlet for 60 minutes of power. This adds 2 key services to existing payphones to make them more useful and ultimately profitable. Rates charged can be modified by the payphone operator depending on the type of location. The key reason Alliance has been able to remain a viable company in this market is their ability to reduce dial tone costs by more than 90% making the phones, once again, profitable even if usage is low. Before, Phone Company line cost was $20-40 per month where now Alliance is using its own wireless or VOIP dialtone product for new installations with a cost as low as $1 per month. They call their VOIP product "The Payphone Jack". Furthermore, Alliance Payphone has been working in Los Angeles County by refurbishing old abandoned pedestals and installing new payphones with the new WOD-POD services to the delight of the locals, but there are still thousands of other abandoned pedestals that remain and the goal of Alliance is to convert or remove as many as possible to ultimately reach the goal of no abandoned payphones or pedestals left in US cities. The great end result of this will be no more abandoned payphones and large base of profitable payphones. These days, when Alliance installers arrive to install a new phone, they are mostly greeted warmly by locals that "look forward to a working phone around here" that can be used to call 911 as well make any calls and have the new WOD-POD services.

Alliance Payphone directly operates payphones across California in large and small accounts as well as provides specialized payphone services to other payphone companies across the USA with 100,000 payphones. There are still about 25 very serious and passionate payphone companies across the USA that still believe in this business and go out every day to fix and maintain these vital communications points still used by 500,000 people per day. Alliance Payphone, Inc is rolling out these new services in the USA as well as other countries including Mexico, Latin America and eventually the rest the world. This technology can be used to "revive" payphone company's payphone base, make the payphones more useful and ultimately keep the operator in business, regardless of what country they are in. 

Rafael Groswirt, Alliance Payphone's president founded Alliance Payphone in 1995 with 1 phone, and now operates a large route in CA and writes all his own software for the specialized services and is still going strong after 18 years. Rafael explains "there is a vast base of tens of thousands of abandoned old payphones and payphone pedestals all across US cities" and he, along with the other remaining payphone operators across the US, plan and want to "clean up" old abandoned payphones as much as possible and offer new services. Rafael estimates there are still about 250,000 payphones across the United States, with an average estimate of 2 calls per day per phone which translates to 500,000 payphone calls/users every day! Alliance is approaching markets beyond the USA with the WOD-POD. Rafael also says "For 10 years we have been committed to finding the way out for payphones and we believe we now have found it and are turning a corner big time" says Groswirt, with the key component being low dial tone cost as well as new services". Rafael Groswirt lists patent and patent applications at .New services can be seen at media requests, contact Veronica Guzman at 626-963-9190.Company www.alliancepayphone.comAlliance Payphone, Inc1407 Foothill Blvd # 305La Verne, CA 91750

Media Contact: Rafael Groswirt, Alliance Payhone, Inc, 626-963-9190,

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