Patent Strategies for Remote Phosphor LED Lighting: Top Patent Applicants Establish Barrier, Opportunity for Patent Disputes Arise

FARMINGTON, Conn., Dec. 20, 2012 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Out of the total 5,568 patents published in Korea, the U.S., Japan and Europe through October 2012, just over 6% of those patents fall in the field of remote phosphor LED lighting technology. Among those 356 patents, only 91 patent applications were selected as key remote phosphor patents. Competition is stiff and the leading applicants such as Philips, Intermatix, and Osram have established a strong barrier. This backdrop coupled with an observation that major Korean, Japanese and Taiwanese LED companies commenced their research and development on remote phosphors relatively late will result in fierce disputes particularly as new patent issues continue to emerge.


Global Information Inc (GII) highlights a new report from our premium market research partner SNE Research that examines the latest patent trends in remote phosphor technology and provides in-depth analysis including technology flow charges and key patent analysis for each of the top patent applicants. SNE Research also publishes several other key patent analyses for the following technologies: flexible OLED substrate, OLED luminescent materials, NCM cathode materials for li-ion secondary batteries, and more.

LED Lighting Key Patent Analysis: Remote Phosphor

To facilitate replacement of existing lighting systems, there is intense competition to develop technologies for improving LED efficiency as well as low cost production. Many companies have adopted the remote phosphor method to improve white LED efficiency by 30 to 40%. Compared to existing LED technology, remote phosphor minimizes heat generation and reduces loss of light.

Some companies such as Intematix, and Cree, have occupied patent rights in advance. Especially the specialized phosphor manufacturer Intematix is taking aggressive steps to protect its technologies. The company, for instance, has uploaded a video that publicizes its intellectual properties and IP licensing. In addition, Cree and Philips have signed a mutual patent licensing agreement for LED technologies including remote phosphors.

According to the report, the key patents were selected based on the following indexes in order of priority: expandability, foreign patent application, and family patent; citation; patent right and legal status; conformity; prior application or applicant; remaining patent term; and the number of independent claims, dependent claims and embodiments.

An Executive Summary for this report and free sample pages from the full document are available at

Key Patent Analysis - Substrate for Flexible OLED

OLED displays are a hot topic in the flexible display industry. Considering the fast pace of technological development for flexible OLEDs, mobile products adopting flexible OLEDs will be brought to market around early 2013.

This report provides in-depth data such as the patent trend of main applicants, patent summaries of the key patents by type, and technology flowcharts of the main applicants, as well as technical descriptions for each plastic type, it is expected to be of great help to examine the technology development trend and patent issues in the plastic substrate industry.

An Executive Summary for this report and free sample pages from the full document are available at

Li Secondary Battery Key Patent Analysis: Separator Coating and Surface Treatment

Among patents that have been filed in Korea, the United States, Japan, and Europe from January 1, 1990 to June 30, 2012, total 1,185 patents were selected, from which 218 effective patents were extracted. Those patents were classified into two categories, coating and surface modification, and then sub-divided into inorganic matters, polymers, and composites for analysis.

Highlights from the report include: specialized patent analysis on separator coating and surface modification for lithium secondary batteries; in-depth analysis of patent disputes; general and in-depth analysis of key patents; analysis of summaries of key patents; and a list of effective patents in an excel file.

An Executive Summary for this report and free sample pages from the full document are available at

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