Pacific Office Automation Medford Promotes Green Business Practices

Pacific Office Automation Medford is a strong proponent of the adoption of green business practices. According to the company, these practices can improve office efficiency, productivity and profitability.

MEDFORD, Ore., Feb. 25, 2014 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Pacific Office Automation Medford strongly urges companies to adopt green business practices. While the obvious reason is that green business practices are good for the environment, there are additional benefits to the office's level of productivity and, perhaps most importantly, the office's level of profitability.


"Environmental responsibility is an important aspect for any business," said a representative with Pacific Office Automation Medford. "Today's consumer is very much aware of a company's business practices, and if the consumer does not approve of a company's lack of commitment to environmental responsibility, they will take their business elsewhere."

This is not the only way that green business practices can impact the bottom line. Just as a lack of environmental responsibility can negatively impact a company's profitability, so can a commitment to environmental responsibility have a positive impact in two distinct ways.

"Those same consumers that shy away from companies whose business practices they disagree with will gravitate toward companies who share similar environmental beliefs," said the representative. "But that is not the only impact. The simple fact is that green business practices reduce costs and improve workplace efficiency, which has an obvious positive impact on potential revenue."

The representative referenced the fact that a paperless office not only reduces it paper-related expenses, it also benefits from the elimination of logistical tasks that take employees away from revenue generating duties.

The representative also pointed out that companies that are still heavily reliant on the use of paper products can still benefit from green business practices and yield the same positive outcomes.

"Investing in energy efficient printers can make a sizable difference," said the representative. "The multifunction printers that we provide to our clients have a number of settings that can help control the unnecessary use of paper and can also reduce the amounts of ink and toner used."

According to the representative, Pacific Office Automation Medford offers a number of services that can help companies in their efforts to engage in green business practices while also improving productivity and profitability.

"There are so many services that we offer that can make a significant difference in a company's efficiency and profitability," said the representative. "Custom workflow solutions, print track and control, document management systems, implementing the cloud and using efficient office automation can all benefit any company in a variety of ways."

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Pacific Office Automation ( is a leader in managed print services and office solutions. Since 1976, Pacific has grown to become the industry's largest independent dealership with over twenty locations throughout Washington, Oregon, California, Arizona, New Mexico, Utah and Colorado. The company is also one of the world's largest dealers for Konica Minolta, Canon, Ricoh, Sharp, Lexmark, Toshiba, and HP copiers, printers, faxes and multifunctional devices, as well as Muratec faxes. At Pacific, we believe the best way to serve local clients is to focus our attention and energy on helping customers until we can say, "Problem Solved."

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