OSR launches "Evolver", Artificial Intelligence for Real-Time In-Car Massive Data Processing

Multi-Domain System to help automakers in the competition for connected and Intelligent mobility

CANTON OF ZUG, Switzerland, Sept. 15, 2017 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- OSR Enterprises AG, a Swiss based automotive Tier 1, today announced the launch of its EVOLVER platform. EVOLVER is a revolutionary in-vehicle artificial intelligence (AI) system for connected, autonomous, cars. The revolutionary hardware and software platform creates a high-security in vehicle Bigdata processing and AI-Infrastructure. EVOLVER enables automakers to realize mass-production autonomous driving, personalized user experiences and deliver new business models, all from one platform. "The EVOLVER platform empowers automakers to reinvent the car for the future of mobility and still maintain control over the user experience," said Orit Shifman, founder and Group CEO of OSR Enterprises AG. "Our multi-domain AI Brain provides the technology for new data-driven business models without compromising on data privacy and cyber security."

The Automakers are facing disruptive changes and are under increasing pressure to adapt in light of the digital transformation of mobility. Trends such as connected car services, robotic taxis, the sharing economy and electric drivetrains create opportunities for new players, including finance-strong tech giants from the US and China. Autonomous cars generate significant amounts of data. This data exhaust needs to be taken care of and used for the ability to turn it into personalized services while maintaining users' privacy.

EVOLVER enables OEMs to significantly accelerate their innovations and win the race towards automated driving without compromising on cyber security. OSR's system frees the OEMs from closed and restricting systems, multiple ECUs (Electronic Control Units) and domain controllers. It is the next logical step after the consolidation of ECUs and domains in the car. Shifman: "EVOLVER provides them the required transition from distributed architecture and domain-controllers to a single Multi-Domain AI System". 

The conventional architectures in the car hinder the realization of innovation due to their complexity. Current electronic-architecture dates back to the 1980's and is based on 80-100 ECUs, which communicate through a CAN-Bus. They lack the computing power required for autonomous driving and for new business models based on real-time processing of huge amounts of data in the car. They pose significant security risks as they are lacking the proper protection from hacking-attacks. "Automakers now understand the strategic importance of a simplified yet more powerful in-vehicle processing platform and the role of data in future business models. Our platform puts them in control over the technology-platform and enables their in-house development teams to innovate at speed." Shifman continues.

This approach towards the OEMs enables them to benefit from a range of strategic benefits over domain segregation or software defined vehicular controllers. "Our multi-domain AI Brain is the first of its kind as it provides an integrated system consisting of a hardware and software enabler that is truly open for the OEMs and does not lock them into any one vendor or specific pre-defined fixed sensors," adds Shifman. "We want to help automakers stay in control and evolve faster to become the winners of the digital transformation of mobility."

The EVOLVER powers in-vehicle Machine Learning and AI based on massive amounts of data related not only to the driver and passengers in the vehicle itself but also to its surroundings. Technologies based on general-purpose GPUs that are being used today in test fleets for autonomous cars are not usable for being deployed in mass production vehicles. "Our system helps automakers to bring autonomous driving to mass production. EVOLVER is purpose-built for automotive – it complies with strict automotive safety standards. Various domains like HMI (Human Machine Interface) and infotainment, automated driving run on the same central, highly-secured multi-domain AI-Platform. The central unit is not only more powerful, but also has significant cost advantages and is energy-efficient. "Evolver not only outperforms competitors in terms of speed, in data processing power, but makes autonomy practical for mass production vehicles. A common configuration of the Evolver-platform has a better degree of capacity usage for deep-learning applications and that at a lower power consumption. These are important performance data for serial cars, but in particular, for electrical cars considering the improvement of their reach.

"Evolver" is designed from the ground up for best cyber security and maximum data privacy. The Cyber-Solution part of the System was developed under the lead of a former Colonel and former head of Cyber-Defense of the IDF (Israel defense forces). "We believe in the value of data and the power of artificial intelligence to improve our lives. However, we also understand the underlying risks. Creating a system for connected and autonomous cars which is compliant with the highest safety standards and sets new standards in cyber security and data protection has been a key design principle from the beginning," added Shifman. "The full potential of the digital age can only be realized if we as consumers can trust that our data, privacy and safety are protected."  

OSR has been founded in 2011 and has since developed the AI-Platform. Several OEMs are already building their flavor of the EVOLVER together with OSR. The 3rd generation of the EVOLVER platform and will be demonstrated at the global launch at IAA NewMobility World at the IAA 2017 in Frankfurt, Germany taking place September 12-17th 2017.

About OSR Enterprises AG
OSR Enterprises AG is a privately held company with its headquarters in Switzerland and R&D centers in Switzerland and Israel, founded in 2011 by Orit Shifman. OSR's R&D team accumulates decades of experience in both hardware and software. As a Tier 1 supplier to car manufacturers, OSR has developed a multi-domain AI platform to control and manage autonomous driving and enable the Internet of Things and Services in vehicles. The AI system can port multiple electronic control units governing areas like communication and human machine interface functions into a single platform, while giving each domain its own AI functionality. The R&D team is comprised of some of the world's leading artificial intelligence and cybersecurity experts including former members of classified technological intelligence units. 

Media Contact: Nir Elron, OSR Enterprises AG, +41 (0) 43 541 11 36, PR@osrenterprises.com

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