Oregon.Arrests.org Records Now Removed Immediately by InternetReputation.com

Mugshot removal service for Oregon mugshot websites now available from Internet Reputation.com

DENVER, May 17, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Internet.Reputation.com is proud to unveil a new program that can remove information from the site in just minutes.

In three counties in Oregon, an arrest could lead to inclusion on Oregon.Arrests.org. The photographs taken during the arrest, the address of the accused, the details of the crime and personal information about the accused are all available for the world to see, and the site is remarkably resistant to the idea of removing information from the site, no matter if that information is inflammatory or somehow untrue. Once the information is on Oregon.Arrests.org, it tends to stay in place.

Mugshot websites often provide photographs and arrest information in order to help people stay safe as they interact with others in public spaces. The administrators of Oregon.Arrests.org, for example,  claim that their work would have helped prevent a notorious attack in Portland in the summer of 2012. In this incident, according to news reports, a man with a long rap sheet and multiple Oregon arrests allegedly attacked a small boy in a restaurant, and the wounds inflicted could have been life threatening. With the help of Oregon.Arrests.org, according to the founders, the family might have recognized the dangerous man, and they could have protected their children.

Oregon, however, is quite open with records regarding serious offenses. For example, the State of Oregon has a searchable sex offender index that contains photos, addresses and crime-related information. This database is free and open to the public. Sites like this that are run by law enforcement agencies mean that the "help" provided by Oregon.Arrests.org isn't needed at all. There are many other ways to find information in Oregon.

What Oregon.Arrests.org seems to excel at is shaming and deriding people who are arrested within the state. Users are encouraged to label photos with insulting keywords, and users are also asked to write comments underneath the photos they see. It's hard to see the law enforcement help provided in comments such as, "HAHAHHA, couldn't have happened to a nicer person. What an idiot." These features suggest that Oregon.Arrests.org is really about humiliating people, and now there's a way to fight back.

InternetReputation.com can delete photographs from the site in mere minutes, and the company can also provide an aggressive follow-up campaign that can keep future attacks from taking place. It's a comprehensive approach and it's now offered in Oregon. Find out more at www.internetreputation.com

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