OnTheJob.tv Interviews Dr. Debra Fink, an Orthodontist in St. Louis

ST. LOUIS, Oct. 22, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- As part of its continuing series, OnTheJob.tv sat down to interview Dr. Debra Fink, the first independent female orthodontist in St. Louis.   The excerpts below present a revealing portrait of Dr. Fink's background and experiences in this interesting field.

Dr. Fink, why did you decide to become an orthodontist

Well, when I was little, I remember the first thing I definitely wanted to do was raise horses, the second was to be a ballerina and the third was to be a writer. And I think that it wasn't really until junior high school, like around sixth or seventh grade that I had this incredible teacher, a science teacher, who just made it so much fun and brought it to life and made it practical in some respects. That was when I really started to fall in love with science. I graduated from college with a degree in sociology and then I went on for a master's degree in biochemistry. I worked in a lab doing basic research for a company that manufactured enzymes and different research products. I sat down and I assessed what I liked doing and what I didn't like doing and I did not find research, just plain research in a lab that satisfying and I really wanted to go on. I knew I was good with my hands, I liked problem solving and I really wanted to work with people and so this just seemed like a natural way to go.

I went on to dental school and then orthodontic school and at that time I had four children, when I went to dental school. So, I got into it later in life and so no, I really did not have an "aha" moment. I looked around at different people that I knew and I thought, well they seem happy and so I'm just going to do this and I really just jumped in and thought if I do not like it then I will get out and do something else. But I just liked it very much. Dental school is very hard; you have to really want to do it. So, you end up some nights just staying up straight through the night and I would not want to discourage anyone from going into dentistry or beyond because of that.  You just have to throw yourself in; you put your head down and you just go because it is something that you want to do.

Dr. Fink, what was it like for you to start out as the first independent female orthodontist in St. Louis

In terms of paying my dues and getting initiated into the club, my story is probably a little different than most. When I got into orthodontics, probably just about eight percent of orthodontists were women. So that for my experience and my initiation, a lot of it focused on the fact that I was a woman breaking into a men's club essentially. And people were really nice, but still, the fact is you cannot go into the guy's locker room with the guys, you know. So, it took a little longer I would say and so my initiation was probably just a lot different than I think the normal rite of passage of a new orthodontist.

When you first start out the way you really get your business is through dentists and then you build up a trust with them in terms of your ability to provide a good service to the patient and then to them as well.  Then, you have patients that are referring to you as well. I do not do any active marketing in terms of buying ads or things like that and it really is just word of mouth and referrals primarily.

Dr. Fink, how do you balance the demands of work and family life

I never saw this office or my business or even my education in conflict with my family life or even in competition with it because that always came first. That was my priority and so I think that it's probably a question that you have to ask my kids, but they all turned out great.

To see the video of this interview, please visit Dr. Fink's website at: www.stlouisbraces.com.

About Dr. Debra Fink

Dr. Fink is a top rated orthodontist in St. Louis and she was recently chosen by St. Louis Magazine as one of the "Top Dentists 2013".   She is a practitioner, lecturer, author and researcher in the field of orthodontics and she offers many treatment options for children, teens and adults, including Invisalign and braces.

Dr. Debra Fink, D.M.D., M.S., P.C.

13302 Manchester Rd.

St. Louis, MO 63131

Media Contact: Alice Klein, Dr. Debra Fink, D.M.D., M.S., P.C., 314-984-9900, info@stlouisbraces.com

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