Online Solar School Campaign Raising Funds to Spread Solar Knowledge for People Power

AUSTIN, Texas, May 3, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Energy. Sustainability. Community. Through a partnership between these elements, we can create the future we hope for. Human nature is to observe, learn and then make change. This is an inevitable process. With the power of modern technology and our minds, we can embrace this process and initiate movement towards a future of affordable clean energy. We can create a sustainable community for the world.


SolPowerPeople is developing a platform of online learning and interconnection that provides a structure for the entire world to build upon to reach this goal - together. This is the #SolarMOOC Academy- a global community of learning based upon the modern concept of Massive Open Online Courses. With this online platform already full of FREE weekly online lectures, SolPowerPeople is responding to requests from all over the world (including people from developing countries) by beginning to develop an entire school of formalized micro courses.

The fundraising campaign to make this happen can be found here: Online Solar School Campaign

SolPowerPeople is made up of solar experts, advocates, artists, and educators with over 40 years of experience in education, solar photovoltaic design and installation, business operations, project management and film production. Their mission is to develop an innovative, online solar school available to anyone in the world who wants to join in a virtual landscape of learning.

Their passion for solar as a free, limitless energy supply is matched only by their understanding that education is key for the solar industry to thrive, and for clean energy to be attainable by all.

SolPowerPeople has trained electricians, tradesmen, firefighters, and the general public around the United States on solar energy for over a year with an onsite, hands-on mobile solar training lab, all-the-while delivering a free weekly online lecture series to thousands of participants from all over the globe. Through their #Solar Massive Open Online Course, they have delivered over 60 free lectures by subject matter experts to 1000's of participants across the world that are hungry for solar knowledge. They currently host 100's of hours of material that's free and accessible through their website archives and YouTube channel.

The SolPowerPeople vision is to not only provide these weekly lectures, but to continue doing this while creating a virtual learning platform to give everyone what they need to be a positive force in the solar movement: all the way from learning what solar photovoltaics are and how they work, to applying advanced theory and design while working in the renewable energy sector.

Check out a sample of what they are doing and enroll in their free entry-level micro course course: Introduction to Solar Energy

There is a demand all over the world for quality information on solar photovoltaics: system installers, consumers, home-owners, policy makers, educators, emergency responders and an entire world of citizens (especially developing countries) that want this information. They want FREE, CLEAN energy. With funding from this campaign, SolPowerPeople can create this online education platform. They'll be able to pursue partnerships with other industry experts to create an online solar school that can be accessed by everyone in the world. Your contributions will help  accelerate course production, promote, and keep a lot of these courses free for everyone. You will be a part of the solar movement, empowering the world with solar knowledge.

Join SolPowerPeople in the Solar Revolution and be the change you wish to see in our global energy futureContribute to this cause today!

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