Online Reputation Management JW Maxx Solutions Refutes ESPN's Assessment of Tim Tebow's Career

Online reputation management JW Maxx Solutions has announced its support of The National Football League's quarterback Tim Tebow.

PHOENIX, June 5, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- One of ESPN'S obviously less knowledgeable reporters wrote a scathing outlook on Tim Tebow's past experience in the NFL which included a dismal outlook for his future based on nothing more than his amazing popularity.  According to industry experts, this article was completely lacking factual evidence and was nothing more than an unsubstantiated opinion piece written by an author who is obviously not a fan of the famous quarterback.


JW Maxx Solutions, a top rated online reputation management company, reminds the public that Tim Tebow was a star player on the Florida Gators BCS Championship teams of 2006 and 2008. Tim Tebow was also a first round draft pick when he entered the NFL for the Denver Broncos.  In addition,  Tim Tebow's playoff record as the Denver Broncos starter is 1 win greater than their current starting QB Peyton Manning.  Unfortunately, before he had the chance to fully acclimate to the NFL, he was traded to the NY Jets when the Denver Broncos chose the veteran Manning as their starting quarterback.  

Being back up to quarterback Mark Sanchez on the NY Jets, and only entering the game for a few easily noticeable run plays which were in most cases stopped for a loss of yards, did nothing to diminish his determination or his popularity.  The Jets coaching staff certainly has a large role to play in the reason Tebow or Sánchez never developed a rhythm as neither player appeared to have the support of the coaching staff, thus hurting their confidence and really set both QB's up for failure.  

There are simple facts that make Tim Tebow a target for insidious sportswriters just looking to make a name for themselves. Tebow is a vocal Christian with one of the largest and most widespread followings in the NFL. He has a learning disability called dyslexia that has made it more difficult for him to learn the complex play books required for NFL quarterbacks. His model-like good looks have resulted in him being photographed with some of the most beautiful and desirable women in the world. He is a renowned philanthropist who has given away hundreds of thousands of dollars to causes he supports and believes in such as the American Red Cross.  Can reasons such as these be used to support the idea that Tim Tebow's career is over?

Online reputation management company JW Maxx Solutions believes like most expert sports analysts is that the only thing Tim Tebow has lacked is proper coaching to help him overcome his learning disability and clearly show him how to handle the treacherous path to becoming an NFL star quarterback. Tebow is a proven leader, his fellow teammates have never said a despairing word and he has the natural skill to be a star, given just a little leadership and honest support from a dedicated coaching staff.   It really is nothing new in the sports world to trash a team after a loss, and then write them up after a win, this is the world of journalism.

However, Tim Tebow has been trashed really for no reason, other than he did not come out of the starting gate with as much success as say Andrew Luck last season or Robert Griffin.  But looking back at Peyton Manning's rookie season and the amount of interceptions he threw, it is easy to see that his skills are not what is holding him back, but it is the media jumping on this Tebow Trashing bandwagon which is what is hurting this young man's chances of being an NFL starting quarterback. 

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