Online Reputation Management Firm JW Maxx Solutions Talks with CBS 5 Arizona about Courtney Love's 'Twibel' Case

Online Reputation Management Expert Walter Halicki speaks with KPHO - CBS 5 Arizona Anchor and Reporter Adam Longo about the implications of Courtney Love's infamous tweet and the ensuing legal battle.

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., Jan. 27, 2014 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- After a week of controversy surrounding Courtney Love's tweet and the ensuing "Twibel" trial, CBS Anchor and Reporter Adam Longo interviewed Walter Halicki, an online reputation management expert at JW Maxx Solutions, asking him about any potential fallout for Twitter users and how people can better manage their online reputations.


The report, set to air Sunday on CBS Channel 5 KPHO in Arizona, details how Rock Star Courtney Love became embroiled in the first ever twitter libel trial after a 2010 tweet where she wrote that her ex-lawyer Rhonda Holmes had been "bought off."

The report then goes on to ask about the ramifications of the court case and what Internet users can do to better protect themselves. Online reputation management expert Walter Halicki notes that this ground-breaking case will set new parameters for Internet users, but it is not all that different from publishers getting sued for libel 20 years ago.

"Fifteen to 20 years ago, newspaper publishers were getting sued for libel. The only difference these days is that everyone now has the ability to be heard, and therefore, they need to know that they are accountable for what they say online," CEO and President of JW Maxx Solutions, Walter Halicki said.

Halicki recommends Internet users avoid posting on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook when emotional or under the influence. Even if the Tweet or post is deleted, there is always the chance someone could take a screen shot and repost the message or picture.

Longo then asked JW Maxx Solutions' Walter Halicki about the purpose of online reputation management and its role in the future of business.

Online reputation management firms like JW Maxx Solutions help businesses and individuals protect and rebuild their web presence from libelous and defamatory content that could negatively impact business and personal reputations, Halicki said.

With so many people using the Internet to learn about products and services, a single negative review can hurt a business' bottom line.

"If negative reviews and personal attacks cross the line into libelous or defamatory language, then businesses and individuals have the right to defend their reputations. That's what online reputation management is for," Halicki says.

JW Maxx Solutions appreciates the opportunity to speak about online reputation management and how it can be of service not only to celebrities but to all Internet users.

"I really appreciated the chance to talk to a top-notch anchor and reporter such as Adam Longo about this trending issue that has such serious implications for the future," Halicki said. "CBS 5 news does an outstanding job of being professional and accurate. They really do tell it like it is."

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