Omnitech & Charlton Carlos Lester Announce Recent Successes in Community

Charlton Carlos Lester announces successful events in the Atlanta area that required partnership on behalf of the Omnitech Institute.

TUCKER, Ga., Feb. 18, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Charlton Carlos Lester is pleased to announce the recent partnerships developed between his school, Omnitech Institute, and the surrounding community. Since its founding in 1998, Omnitech Institute and its leadership has been marked by a sincere drive for helping the greater community of the Atlanta area.

"We're very excited about being able to help others in the community who are not a part of Omnitech," says Charlton Carlos Lester, the school's founder. "Most technical schools can say that they believe in academic and educational excellence, as do we. However, there are far fewer schools that can boldly proclaim that they believe in setting standards of excellence for community service. Omnitech, of course, isn't like most schools. We believe that serving our community is a top priority that goes hand in hand with excellent education."

In recent years, Omnitech has partnered with local battered women's shelters and homeless shelters. "When our facilities were located in Decatur, GA, these partnerships were very important to Omnitech. When we moved to Tucker, GA, just a little further out of Atlanta, we decided that despite the geographic shift, these partnerships were too important to give up. Omnitech remains committed to partnering with local shelters."

Omnitech Institute has also called upon local clinicians and members of the community in offering free health screenings and food drives. "As technical educators, we treat the mind," says Charlton Carlos Lester. "However, the mind is of no use when the body is not properly fed and cared for. Medicine is not our area of expertise at Omnitech. However, we leveraged our connections with the local medical community to bring in those who are skilled in healthcare for free health screenings. We hope to be able to recreate that experience again in the future."

Lastly, Charlton Carlos Lester is proud of Omnitech for offering free educational opportunities in the metro-Atlanta area. "We've been able to offer free study sessions, tutoring, and GED prep courses in the last few years," says Lester. "Not everyone has the resources to pay for these services, which is why we're adamant about offering them free of charge whenever possible."

About: Charlton Carlos Lester is the founder of Omnitech, a technical school in Atlanta that regularly reaches out to the community by offering food drives, providing free study sessions, and more.

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