Omni Blenders' New High Powered Blender - the Best Blender for Smoothies - is Now Available with Complimentary Shipping

Omni Blenders' line of professional high-powered blenders are the best blenders for smoothies and are now available online with complimentary shipping at

EAGLE MOUNTAIN, Utah, July 29, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Omni Blender, makers of the best high powered blender on the market, is now offering free shipping on all of its high speed blender products that are far superior to the many comparatively mediocre products that dominate the retail market today with their mass merchandising and heavy advertising programs.


The OMNI V is rated the finest super juicer/pulverizer on the market, and it is priced much less than many of the other well-known brands. Omni says it all with its motto: "Why pay $600 for a high performance blender when you can get it for half?" The OMNI Super Blender's performance may be challenged by some machines sold at stores such as Costco, but such rivals are priced nearly twice as much as Omni's three-horsepower, high-tech power pulverize and emulsifier whole food health juice processor, which clearly gives consumers the most bang for their buck.

Priced at just $279, the OMNI V delivers blending results in raw smoothies, soups, pâtés, and purees of a blending quality equal to or better than other mass marketed products on the retail shelves that sell for more than $400 to well over $500. In addition, Omni's free shipping to consumers who buy factory direct at, provides added value over comparable or inferior products marketed at much higher prices through multiple distribution levels, including big box discount stores. By dealing directly with its customers, Omni can also offer a $30 bonus to buyers who refer others to purchase their high powered blenders.

The Omni blender line has been hailed as the most powerful, best smoothie blender on the market that can fully be used as professional blender and a commercial blender, producing tremendous results at great savings.

Omni is currently offering discounts sales on its entire line up of the best blenders for smoothies and other foods, such as the three horse-power Super Emulsifier Blender with one BPA free jar at $259, the Super Blender with two 64-ounce BPA-free containers with multi-purpose blades for $295, and the Super Blender with the Sound Box Omni Shield for $335.

The Super Emulsifier is Omni's most popular unit with its versatility to serve as a blender, mixer, emulsifier, grinder, soup maker, whip cream beater, egg scrambler, avocado pit/nut/seed micronizer, ice cream maker, food processor, juicer, liquefying machine, almond milk extractor, spinach pulverizinghot soup witch, and total snow cone blender power blazer.

Clearly, Omni is the company to turn to when looking for the best price on a high performance smoothie blender that outperforms any similarly priced blender hands down. All Omni blender products are backed with a seven-year guarantee on their motors and a one-year warranty on the durable 64-ounce jars. Omni's guaranteed motors allow health conscious users to get more phyto nutrients that support the immune system from the foods blended, emulsified, and pulverized.

All of Omni's products are on display, along with customer reviews, at Telephone inquiries and orders may be made by calling (855) 3HP-Omni / (855) 347-6664 toll free.

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