Nueltin Fly-in Lodges Announce New Trout Fishing Vacations

Nueltin Fly-in Lodges to Offer Even More Areas for Catch and Release Fishing for Adventure Seekers Looking to Spend a Vacation in the Serene Wilderness of Canada.

ALONSA, Manitoba, April 24, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- There are many locations across the continent that fisherman can head to for an unforgettable fishing trip, but few compare to the experience that individuals and families alike may enjoy when they plan a memorable fishing vacation to Nueltin Fly-In Lodges. These lodges located in a sub-arctic location in Canada provide travelers with an amazing way to get away from it all and to immerse themselves in the natural beauty of pristine Canadian wilderness while also enjoying an amazing fishing adventure. Most recently, Nueltin Fly-In Lodges have announced new trout fishing vacations to more fully meet the needs and interests of travelers. 

The Different Accommodations
Nueltin Fly-In Lodges are located in beautiful locations in both Nunavut and Manitoba, and these are the ideal locations for a family adventure, a fishing trip with best friends or a replenishing solo trip. There are a wide range of accommodations available through Nueltin Fly-In Lodges, and this means that there are accommodations available to meet the needs of almost every fisherman who has the desire to spend time in the area. Lake lodges like the Treeline Lodge provide vacationers with easy access to the lake coupled with an on-site fishing boat and rustic yet comfortable accommodations. There are also several mini-lodges like the Windy River mini-lodge or the Nueltin Narrows mini-lodge. These have ample space for families and waterfront locations or easy access to the water. Those who are looking for a more removed travel experience that puts them in the midst of nature may consider reserving an outpost cabin. These are suitable for families of up to six people. 

Travel Packages
It can be a challenge to sit down and plan every detail of an amazing vacation, but Nueltin Fly-In Lodges takes the stress and guesswork out of planning a trip. It offers several great travel packages that can make vacation planning simple and easy, and they also help travelers to plan a memorable or even epic vacation. Some packages are designed purely for fisherman, and others combine hunting and fishing adventures into one amazing trip. 

The Experience
A fishing vacation at Nueltin Fly-In Lodges provide travelers with access to a premier locale that is located off the beaten path. This is a fly-in resort community that also provides you with a catch-and-release experience. The lake is filled with trophy-sized fish like Lake Trout, Arctic Grayling, Northern Pike and more. With all of the comfortable amenities needed for a great trip provided on-site and set in the midst of a naturally beautiful, remote area of Canada, the scene is set for an adventure of a lifetime. 

When it comes to planning a vacation with Nueltin Fly-In Lodges, vacationers can choose to create a custom vacation that most closely meets their needs and desires, or they can choose from one of the amazing fishing vacation packages available. Regardless of which option is selected, all vacationers will have a wonderful, relaxing time immersed in the Canadian wilderness when they visit Nueltin Fly-In Lodges. Those who are planning a vacation today are invited to take time to peruse through the different vacation packages and lodging options available. These units are in high demand during peak travel season, so travelers are urged to make their vacation plans early.

Nueltin Lodges is a premier hunting and fishing resort nestled near the waters of the Nueltin Lake. Those who would like to learn more about the vacation packages or accommodations available in this beautiful, unspoiled area of Canada can contact the company by phone at 800-361-7177. The company can also be contacted through its contact form online at

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