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DENVER, Feb. 18, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- provides immediate removal from, and the company can also remove copies that may have appeared in the interim.


In July of 2012, North Carolina's Attorney General, Roy Cooper, announced that the overall crime rate within the state had reached a low not seen since 1977. It's encouraging news, as it seems to indicate that residents of the state continue to keep their cool and demonstrate excellent manners, even when the economy remains dire and many people worry over how to feed their families and meet their financial commitments in the months and years to come. However, it's a trend the makers of might very well oppose. This website traffics on high arrest numbers, and a new program by may help people shown on the site repair the reputation damage their inclusion might cause. is an incredibly complete website that provides photographs from almost every county within the state. Those photos and the arrest information from those photos are indexed to Google, and there are no protections or watermarks on any photos shown on the site. A photo shown on can quickly spread to other mugshot sites, or to news articles or blogs on the web.

"There are literally hundreds of examples of mugshots appearing first on and then appearing on other sites a bit later. To give just one example, a man arrested in Henderson County on January 16th appeared on at least three other mugshot sites mere moments later when I checked. Run a search for his name and the word 'arrested,' and all of these copies of the photo appear," says a representative of "That's why an immediate response to an image on this site is so vital. The longer a photo stays available, the more likely it will be that the photo will spread. Immediate response is something we work very hard to provide with our company's product."

"We provide one of the most complete solutions available in the marketplace today, and we guarantee our results," says an representative. "We work quickly for our clients, and our work is comprehensive and complete. It's a great solution for people who have been targeted by With just one call, we can take care of this whole problem."

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