Nitro-Turbodyne Implements World's First Ultra High Capacity Gas Flow Controllers For Carbon Sequestration in Concrete

New Solution Resolves Critical Gas Flow Control Problem

CAMARILLO, Calif., March 19, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Nitro-Turbodyne, Inc., specialists in green energy solutions, announced today that they have completed initial delivery and deployments of two ultra high capacity gas flow controllers for carbon sequestration within high strength concrete. In partnership with CarbonCure Technologies of Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, Nitro-Turbodyne created the first ever gas flow controller capable of delivering the ultra-high volume gas flows with extremely high precision needed for CarbonCure's precise formulas.  The new controllers provide high precision delivery of CO2 to paver, block, concrete and building material mixtures, thereby providing carbon sequestration within carbon-strengthened concrete.  The success of these early deployments assures a long-term roadmap of joint delivery of these controllers to concrete producers worldwide.

From contract award to deployment, the first two units - deployed to Toronto, Canada and Dixon, California - took less than 60 days, and utilizes a Programmable Logic Controller, a touch-screen device for automatic and manual control, and precision valves and flow metering devices for accurate delivery of CO2 during the manufacturing process. The units are capable of Internet interface to monitor operations or to provide graphical or tabular data to CarbonCure.

"We are excited to launch a promising equipment supply arrangement with Nitro-Turbodyne", said Robert Niven, CEO and Founder of CarbonCure. "They are a proven innovator and expert in compressed gas management."".."

The precision and repeatability of settings of the overall system in combination with the extremely high flow of CO2 required a unique computer controlled valve solution.  Based on a innovative applications of known scientific principles, the controller can be used for any gas flow problem where traditional controllers are unable to provide the precision required.  Nitro-Turbodyne is also planning on introducing solutions with biofuel production applications where the precise control of CO2 is required for high-yield biofuel reactors.

"These units are capable of easily delivering ultra-high flows of 10,000 (and greater) standard liters per minute (about 353 SCFM/21180 SCFH) of gaseous CO2," said Ed De Reyes, Chief Technology Officer of Nitro-Turbodyne, "These initial deployments exceed CarbonCure's design requirements and prove the system can be used for ever more precise solutions where the problem of accurate delivery must be maintained and repeated with incredibly high flows and high accuracy."

Nitro-Turbodyne is currently building several ultra-high-flow liquid CO2 vaporizer/flow controller units for CarbonCure that will be used as demonstration platforms, and are based on the two previously-installed units in Toronto and Dixon. While still providing high gas flow rates, these units are designed to be small and compact and capable of fitting entirely into an enclosed trailer that can be pulled with an ordinary pickup truck.

The Ultra-High Gaseous Flow Controllers are capable of a 1% to 2% accuracy over a range of 500 - 10,000 SLPM +, and have applications in industries such as bioreactors, manufacturing plants, chemical plants, food processing plants, and industrial plants.

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About Nitro-Turbodyne

Nitro-Turbodyne is an innovative provider of clean energy solutions including non-combustion nitrogen power generation units, ultra high gas flow controllers, and other clean/green technologies.  With a mission to provide solutions within the clean energy product industry, Nitro-Turbodyne is part of an overall ecosystem of individuals working together to make power clean, affordable, renewable and sustainable.

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About CarbonCure Technologies, Inc.

CarbonCure Technologies is a materials science innovator deploying CO2 sequestration solutions to concrete products manufacturers. The Company's proprietary technology is a unique method of repurposing waste CO2 to make concrete less carbon-intensive. The Halifax, Nova Scotia-based Company is commercializing its technology with market leaders in California (Basalite Concrete Products), Ontario (Atlas Block) and Nova Scotia (Shaw Group).

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