New York Web Design Company, Lounge Lizard Discusses: How Often Should You Add Content to Your Website?

NEW YORK, Feb. 21, 2018 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Lounge Lizard is globally recognized as a top New York web design company within the website and mobile app development industry. Lounge Lizard's brandtenders are creative, tech-savvy, and passionate in developing innovative strategies that drive conversion for both startup and established clients of all industries, making them the "best of breed since 1998."

Updating website content is advantageous. Marketing professionals and website managers understand the benefits associated with adding new content to websites, but most struggle to determine how often to update and what to update. Leading web design company, Lounge Lizard, answers those questions to help busy marketers and web managers achieve success:

How Often Should Content be Added to Websites?

The short answer? As often as possible. However, most professionals want specifics they can follow. So, aim for daily or weekly updates because this frequency has the most significant impact.

If the website will be updated less frequently, for example, monthly or quarterly, be consistent and execute each update. Search engines do not reward inconsistent updating. In fact, infrequent and irregular updates will likely hurt visibility and hinder search engine optimization efforts.

If additional specifics are required, follow this guideline:

  • Add 25-35% new web pages every year

Can Content be Updated Instead of Added?

Quality updates have a positive effect on websites. Update existing content if fresh content can't regularly be added. To achieve results with updates, follow these additional tips:

  • Update 250-500 words of website body content every week
  • Update more than 500 words of well-researched content each month
  • Update static website content at least once a year
  • Update the main body of text on the website's most popular pages first; this has the most significant impact on SEO. Updates to less popular pages, navigation menus, and comments have less effect.
  • Update when average viewing duration drops as this indicates content is getting old

What Benefits Are Associated with Adding Content/Updating Websites?

The benefits of adding and updating web content are immense and diverse. They include:

  • Improved visibility: Search engines reward sites that add and update content regularly. Businesses that follow best practices for adding and updating content can expect to rank higher because their sites will be crawled more often.
  • Stronger domain authority: Fresh content generates more activity and more links. Activity and links cultivate authority, and this paves the way to higher rankings for keywords.
  • Better market position: Adding a blog is a great way to post new content to a website continually. But, it's also a terrific way to associate value with a business, improve a business's market position, and achieve expert status.

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