New Site to Help With Sudden Disappearances

DENVER, Oct. 25, 2012 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- On any given day of the week it is hard to avoid a headline telling the story of unexpected events or some mysterious disappearance affecting someone leading a normal life.


In fact, the U.S. Department of Justice reports that there are over 100,000 active missing people at any one time, and 2,000 others reported missing every day. That's a staggering figure considering how we're more connected via technology than ever. Yet our society isn't keeping up with life's mishaps and something new needs to be done... is that something new.  Today we launch a site that promises to revolutionize the way people think about personal safety.

The site's tag line, "We let people know when you can't" says it all. Users are provided peace of mind and personal assurance knowing that if something unexpected or even potentially dangerous happens, the people they care about most will be alerted to intervene. This could apply to all kinds of life events: going on a blind date, driving to an unfamiliar destination, meeting someone for the first time, hiking, repairing the roof, swimming in a nearby lake, or heading off to college. Chances are good everything will be fine but if something should happen, then alerts via email, texts and/or social media are activated.

"Our society seems to get more dangerous every day." said Brian Destarac, co-founder of "How many times have you heard about a hiker disappearing and not returning from a trip? Or a college kid who went on a date and is nowhere to be found? Or a teenager last seen walking to school? In all of these cases and countless others, could literally be a lifesaver, or at least give people an added degree of safety they've never had before. The main reason we came up with the idea was that the earlier you know something is wrong the better your chances are."

So how does the new site work? It's easy; users register, fill out their profile, add contacts and create "events". It's that simple. The "events" can be an activity or function that they will be at, someone they are meeting or something happening in their life where a deadline is set for checking in. Users manage and update their own event; adding locations, documents, photos, videos, etc. If they can't successfully cancel/terminate the event in time, the system automatically attempts to contact the user via all methods available to remind them in case it's been overlooked. If the user ultimately can't be reached, then their contacts are notified, at which point the contact chooses how to handle the situation. Whether by calling, texting or emailing the user directly to see if he or she is okay or taking emergency matters into their own hands by contacting the authorities with information the missing person has provided via

"As we were developing the application, we talked to many people to get their impressions and input." added Destarac. "I was constantly amazed at the ways people found to use the site and how many parents felt this would help them feel so much better when their teenagers or college kids go out." 

While the site primarily adds a degree of safety to modern life, we discovered another benefit. can help users live without regrets, by giving them the opportunity to create final messages or instructions and have them at the ready for loved ones. These messages can resolve unresolved issues, provide guidance and give advice to those left behind to help them heal and build new lives more quickly.

Users can write a message, store documents, audio or even upload a video that the site will provide to users' loved ones if something happens. For people with high-risk jobs (soldiers, firefighters, and police), those with a life-threatening illness, and the elderly, this site feature could be especially appealing. In fact, having this service available for our brave men and women in the military could give their loved ones more to hold onto and remember if their family member ever made the ultimate sacrifice.

Registration for is free for people age 13 and older and they can start using the service immediately.

"We believe that many of the tragic stories that make up our news can be prevented," said Destarac. "and we are excited to help get people's message out so they can feel safer and more secure."

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