New Professional Services Company Makes Quality Tax Representation Accessible to the 99%

Professional Services Systems™ partners with direct-to-consumer companies to make quality tax representation available to consumers at a cost scaled to their problem and income level.

LOS ANGELES, Aug. 2, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Professional Services Systems solves financial problems for Americans when money DOES matter by extending licensed professional services to the general public at affordable prices that make sense. The Professional Services Systems (PSS) family of brands currently focus on solving three economic problems that threaten millions of consumers' peace of mind and economic well-being each year: 1) answering IRS challenges to filed tax returns; 2) assuring proper credit for tax refunds and payments when a taxpayer's identity is stolen; and, 3) negotiating and settling tax debt when the taxpayer has trouble paying the tax liability in full.


Tax Audit Defense (TAD) provides highly-trained, cohesive professional audit defense teams to stand in for any of the millions of taxpayers that will receive a letter this year from the IRS questioning something on their tax returns. A taxpayer can purchase one of TAD's prepaid tax audit protection membership plans for one low price at a fraction of what it would cost to hire a CPA or other licensed tax professional to represent them after they've been notified of an audit.

Tax Identity Recovery (TIR) prepaid membership protection plans fix the problem after a taxpayer's identity has been stolen, revalidating the taxpayer's tax account to assure that payments get properly credited and refunds get delivered.

Tax Defense Partners (TDP) provides full-service tax debt negotiation and structured settlement services ensuring that its eligible clients settle with the IRS/State at the lowest amounts allowed by law, serving businesses and individuals before the Collection and Examination Divisions of the IRS and state tax authorities.

Michael Rozbruch, a Co-founder of PSS states, "High quality tax and legal services shouldn't be for the elite alone. We founded Professional Services Systems to serve the majority of consumers, the 99% who need it most. The tremendous interest from direct-to-consumer companies who partner with us so they can offer our services to their customers has been glowing testimony to the very real need we are meeting for thousands of clients from coast-to-coast. PSS is constantly looking for economic problems disrupting the lives of Americans that PSS can solve with licensed professionals at prices that make sense."

About Professional Services Systems™ 
Professional Services Systems (PSS) delivers licensed professional services to solve problems of economic consequence to the 99% of Americans for whom money DOES matter. PSS makes it possible for the 99% to obtain high quality representation from attorneys, certified public accountants, IRS enrolled agents, other professionals and paraprofessionals, at costs scaled sensibly to the size of the problem and the income level of the client. PSS configures professional staff into highly-trained, cohesive teams focused on narrow problem sets and disciplined by workflow systems to propel delivery of high quality customer service at greater case volumes and lower costs than possible under traditional law or accounting firm operating models. PSS recruits, hires and trains qualified licensed professionals and para-professionals as full-time employees specializing exclusively on the consumer problems PSS targets, continually monitors and enforces performance standards and exploits for the benefit of its clients the efficiencies of centralized operation and short lines of communication. This is in stark contrast to traditional pre-paid legal and employee assistance plans that refer customers with problems to geographically dispersed professionals with general practices who then serve plan-sourced clients as independent contractors at the margin of their other professional practice.

PSS markets and sells to clients through brands identified by the specific problems they solve for consumers: Tax Defense Partners, Tax Audit Defense and Tax Identity Recovery. To find out more about how PSS can help, visit or call (818) 528-8258.

Media Contact: Becky Stephens, Professional Services Systems™, (818) 528-8258,

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