New Guide Untangles Compliance Software Market

Ten steps help managers at medium and large companies compare suppliers of governance, risk management, and compliance software

SOUTHPORT, Goldcoast, Jan. 30, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- In addition to rolling out a new website and launching the Enterprise Compliance Today blog this week, enterprise compliance software maker Fast Track has published a new guide titled "10 Essentials of Enterprise Compliance Software," The free guide is available at


"This is for managers and executives at major corporations and government agencies, to help them compare suppliers side-by-side on the points that matter the most," says the guide author and Fast Track technical director Greg Carroll

"Faced with all of today's choices in enterprise compliance software, the task of picking out the best can be daunting. It's not enough for the software to work well. It must work well for your organisation. That's why a vendor can have a fine product that's still a bad fit," explains Carroll.

What to look for, what to avoid

The guide goes through 10 key items that a company should look for, starting with the ability to get all the necessary modules from a single vendor. Other items on the list include the ease with which modules can be customised, speed of installation, how well the modules "talk" with other software, and what kinds of training and support are available.

"Failure to meet a particular criterion doesn't mean the software is bad. It might be just the right product for a different organisation," says Carroll. "For example, a company with fewer than 500 users may need only a basic compliance module and nothing else. In that case, it doesn't matter that the supplier isn't able to also deliver modules to manage contractsmanage risk, or manage equipment."

With the free guide, companies and government agencies have a map that makes it easier to navigate the crowded marketplace of compliance software.

"Making the right choice can turn compliance and risk management from an obligatory overhead into a valuable strategic performance and management tool available to all levels of your organisation's management," add Carroll."

Rapid deployment

In a world where goliath software suppliers can take months or years to complete rollouts, customised solutions are deployed in as few as 90 days. Fast Track customers start with a single out-of-the-box platform and combine any of 10 modules.

"Our customers buy what they need now," explains Carroll, "They can plug in any module later with no integration worries."

Attention to detail

Customers praise Fast Track's attention to detail. "We have refined over 30 years, and it shows when you experience it," Carroll says.

Customers also praise the software's "intelligence": "Tasks can link to documents for reference, people for skills and availability, risks assessments for priority, and related cases for problem solving," Carroll adds. In addition, "terminology, business rules, workflows, and even database content, can be tailored at first and over time to produce an individual business model. That's in part why user adoption is fast, with a common user interface ensuring predictability in new functions."


10 Essentials of Enterprise Compliance Software: Faced with all of today's choices in enterprise compliance software, the task of picking out the best can be daunting. This guide helps you compare software suppliers side by side, focusing your search on the ten factors that make the biggest difference.

Request a Demo: Fast Track provides demos to decision makers at medium and large organisations in the corporate world, defense, healthcare, mining, quality management, the regulatory field, supplier assurance, utilities, and other industries. We can also help you compare our offering side by side with other options, and show what timing and pricing to expect.

Enterprise Compliance Today Blog: Weekly articles on navigating the world of compliance software, reducing compliance costs, and avoiding the problems of non-compliance.

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