New Frontiers In The Process Of Helping Those In Financial Distress

Remarkable new developments stand to benefit millions of individuals shopping for personal loans. Sophisticated algorithms and a strong network of lenders translate into a synergistic combination to streamline and expedite loan approvals.

CHICAGO, Nov. 14, 2012 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Taylor was given a surprise diagnosis when she visited her dentist for a regular checkup. Her dentist recommended an expensive emergency dental procedure to alleviate imminent pain. As much as she wanted to have the procedure performed at the earliest, the costs were prohibitive. Unfortunately, local lenders flaunted stringent lending criteria as the reason for denying her loan application. Taylor was delightfully surprised, though, when she was able to secure the required funds through, a free service that helps loan applicants obtain quotes from a diverse pool of lenders.

Taylor was finally able to obtain relief from her dental pain through an extremely affordable plan structured through

"Individuals in need of emergency money for a variety of reasons -- from a birthday bash to car repair to medical procedures -- often apply for a short-term personal loan. Within as little as twenty-fours the funds are electronically deposited into the applicant's bank account," explains Lisa Stinson, Director of, a free service that helps match lenders with loan applicants through a robust online interface.

Stinson and her team have developed a complex and highly sophisticated algorithm that performs thousands of calculations to ensure loan applicants are matched with lenders who specialize in serving their precise needs.

Lisa elaborates that his service fulfills a unique need. Loan applicants benefit as they can complete one simple form and gain access to hundreds of lenders in as little as thirty seconds. "Imagine having to approach each lender individually. The process could take months," explains Ms. Stinson. "With, however, the entire process is streamlined to as little as thirty seconds," adds Lisa. is a pioneer in a mushrooming industry that services individuals in need of emergency financial assistance. Mark, a member of Lisa's research team explains: "Our team spends thousands of hours to build relationships with a diverse pool of nationwide lenders. Our unique relationships from the core of our model and we share our relationships with our customers to enable them to obtain free quotes from multiple lenders in just a few clicks."

George, a businessman, who was striving to obtain emergency working capital for his business was pleasantly surprised when Lisa's service was able to help him access funds from lenders even where his local bank and government agencies had failed.

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