New Dance Music Television Network To Launch This Summer

A niche TV channel all about EDM, dance and the DJ industry.

PALM SPRINGS, Calif., May 15, 2014 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- PNN Media Group announced today the launch date of the all-new Interfusion TV.  June 30th is when the new network will officially start the broadcast.  Later in the summer the network will expand into new outlets.


Interfusion Television is all about the dance music industry.  This niche channel will specialize in the celebration and discussion of EDM, DJs, dance, trance, techno and house music.  The goal of Interfusion TV is to share videos, music, behind-the-scenes, events, DJs and recording artists revolving around the electronica and dance music scene.

EDM (Electronic Dance Music) has a dedicated and passionate fan base.  The following is enormous, growing and have entertainers that are commited to the industry.  Events bring in hundreds of thousands of fans and Interfusion Television wants to reach this fan base.

The format of Interfusion TV is not only to air music videos but show what DJs, recording artists, promoters and producers do in the dance music industry.

"It's a facinating and exciting industry to be in", said Allen Edwards, co-creator of Interfusion TV.  "Our goal is to share this excitement everyday on Interfusion TV".

The new network is getting the majority of their programming from labels, producers, DJs and recording artists.  Interfusion TV will also air live broadcasts of concerts, festivals, events and music summits.  Interfusion TV will also have one on one interviews with some of the industry's top professionals.

"This network is not only for industry professionals but also the fan base", said Edwards.   "We believe fans would love to see what happens behind the scenes with DJs, promoters and event producers".  

One way that Interfusion TV will get their programs is through the website.  Recording artists and DJs will be able to upload their videos directly to the studio via the Interfusion website.  The only rule is that the DJ and recording artists state that they have full ownership and rights to the content of the videos they upload.

Interfusion TV will be available on ROKU, Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast, Apple TV, Google TV,  Youtube, iPad/iPhone app, Android App, Zeki Media Box,  NeoTV and anytime online.  Interfusion TV will also broadcast live events on Youtube, Livestream and on the network's website.

"As TV networks are becoming more niche and directly reaching a specific market; Interfusion TV is targeting the dance music audience", said Edwards.  "We've been working on this project for over 4 years and we believe it's been worth it."

Interfusion Television is a product that arised from a festival that is produced by the same company called IMS (Interfusion Music Summit).   IMS started back in 2011 for bands, DJs, recording artists to come together and peform while discussing the industry.  IMS ( ) is happening again this year in Cathedray City, CA on Oct 10th - 13th.   Interfusion TV will be a big part of the event this year and will broadcast most of IMS live.

For more information about Interfusion TV and how you can be a part of this exciting new network, go online to

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