New Bluetooth Hearing Aid Device Can Help Save Jobs

Phone Intensive Office Workers with Bluetooth Hearing Aids Can Hear Landline and Softphone Calls

CARNATION, Wash., Nov. 14, 2012 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- A new hearing aid adapter for landline phone calls and PC sound has just been introduced by Business Telecom Products (BTP). It connects Bluetooth hearing aid streamers with desk phone calls and PC sound. Benefits include improved productivity, mobility, ergonomics, and job security.

Almost everyone knows someone with hearing loss. In fact, 1 in 5 Americans have hearing loss in at least one ear that is severe enough to impact communication. Over half of these people are still in the workforce and office workers are struggling to deal with the (often embarrassing) fact that they can't hear well enough to communicate 100% over the phone.

This unique device, code named BoostEAR, combines two Plantronics specialty products for BTP's custom solution that solves the problem for people with Bluetooth hearing aids. A wallet-sized desktop audio device plugs into the receiver port of a landline telephone (analog or digital). Plug the other cord into the USB port of a PC for two-way sound. Incoming and outgoing sound levels are adjustable, and you can switch between phone calls and PC audio (webinars, music, or voice) by simply tapping a button.

BTP's new device tested successfully with Bluetooth hearing aids from Oticon, Phonak, Unitron, Rexton, and Siemens and should work with any Bluetooth enabled hearing aid streamer system. Everyone who has used it is thrilled. Because BoostEAR works seamlessly with UC softphones including Microsoft® Lync™, Avaya®, Cisco®, IBM®, Skype® and others, IT professionals are expected to fully appreciate the value.

With conference calls replacing in-person meetings and unified communications forcing the use of softphones, this answers a need for team members who cannot be left behind. This can literally help save jobs.

A Bluetooth streaming device (a remote worn with a lanyard or clothing clip) is purchased separately through an audiologist. The BoostEAR (BTP model PL-MDABDL) is $233.95 and available exclusively from Business Telecom Products. To learn more call 800-457-4287 or go online at

About Business Telecom Products:

BTP specializes in the last five feet of office communication and has been distributing headsets and related products for over 20 years. They are certified as UC Voice Specialists by Plantronics, and are a certified Polycom partner. BTP embraces the lost art of customer service and strives to master it on a daily basis. They believe little things go a long way and the right headset or UC audio device leads to higher morale, lower fatigue levels, increased mobility, and fewer phone-related physical complaints.

To learn more go to or call 800-457-4287.

Media Contact: Marilyn Torrison, Business Telecom Products, Inc., 425-649-9262 or 800-457-4287,

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